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    Shaman Skull Quest No. 8

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    Shaman Skull Quest No. 8

    Post by swath on Sat Oct 29, 2011 2:27 pm

    After handing in your Hierophant Cudgel and Skull box to Granix he gives you your 7th Cudgel and says, You have done well Cradossk. Perhaps you can help clear these troubling dreams from my tired aging mind. Commune with the spirits of our Ancestors and learn from them. Never forget that the ultimate power comes from knowledge. The ancients are privy to much knowledge that mortals will never see. Should you be granted enlightenment from our ancestors, share your knowledge with me so that we may use this knowledge for the benefit of our brethren. I will continue to study the [dreams] that [cloud] my mind.'

    When you ask him "What dreams cloud your mind?" he replies, "I see much darkness...darkness and death. A void of life...the cold grip of death. An Ancient pact...with forces too terrible to describe...A great Leader...a fall, and a second coming. I see...a symbol ancient city...Kaesora. I would begin there young Mystic. The spirits of that fallen city may hold a key to our future. "

    Go to the ruins outside Kaesora and you will see a new Shaman NPC there, Oracle Vauris. Hail him and he motions for silence. He points at the shifting sands below him without a word.

    Go to Kaesora and kill Xalgoz. He spawns every 20 minutes or so in the Church there and is approximately lvl 48 or so. He's an easy kill for a couple lvl 50 plus. He drops a Shrunken Iksar Skull Necklace. Loot that and give it to Oracle Vauris.

    Oracle Vauris takes the necklace from you without a word. He looks into your eyes for a moment. He seems to be searching for something. Apparently he finds whatever he was looking for as he pulls an empty bag from his belt. He takes the necklace and snaps the cord with his teeth allowing the skulls to fall into the bag. He looks you square in the eyes again and motions for you to put out your hand. You do so and almost immediately regret it. Vauris takes the knife from his belt and slices open your forearm allowing your blood to fall into the bag. He uses the cord to tie the bag and hands it back to you. 'You now share the mark of Rile, Cradossk. Your fates are intertwined.' He then gives you a Bag of Iksar Skull Dust.

    Ask him, "What Rile?" and he replies, "Have you learned nothing in all your years of service to the hall of Terror? The skulls on that necklace were the bones of the traitorous Iksar who defiled Rile's Relics. Their final moments were spent in Charasis, destroyed by their own dark magics. Rile was the son of the most powerful and terrible [emperor] the Iksar have ever known. Not since the days of Ssrae... 'His voice trails off and his eyes glaze over a bit. You sense that Vauris has been touched by some unmentionable terror. '

    If you ask him about Xalgoz, he replies, 'At last you see Cradossk. The one you speak of is indeed a servant of Rile's father. His presence on this world has disrupted the spirits of the ancients. This disruption must be put to an end. Slaying him will do little good unfortunately. We will have to make use of other powers to truly banish him from this world. If we are to do this we shall need a true relic of Rile, and the soul of his father. Only with these items can we hope to free Rile's soul from the void between death and life. But first there are others that serve the risen emperor that must be destroyed.'

    Ask him "what others?" and he says, "The servants of the emperor wear many faces. One in particular is know to wear several himself. Of Serpents and Iksar is his current incarnation, a twisted vision of a dark union. Bring me his essence, for I will need a vessel to siphon the emperor's soul into. Bring me these 3 items along with the pouch of bone dust and we shall see what fate the ancients have chosen for us.'

    The Changeling Essense drops from a Named Goblin in the Frontier Mountains by the name of Thuuga Dengible. He is about lvl 50 in strength and can be found on top of a rock near the Lake of Ill Omen Zone at -2100, -2400

    Next you must kill a Named Froglok in the Froglok Village in the Swamp by the name of Kaggy Krup. He is of about the same level as Thuuga is. 3 or 4 50+ can take him. He is actually up in one of the buildings in the western part of the village. He drops 'Glowing Kunzar Amulet'

    The 4th item you need is dropped by Venril Sathir in Karnor's Castle. There are two versions of Venril. One is much tougher than the other. Both drop the Blackened Iksar Bones which you need. These can be multi-quested so this may be a good way to get the item if you can't easily field a group to take down Venril.

    Give Vauris the Changeling Essence, Bag of Iksar Skull Dust, Glowing Kunzar Amulet, and the Blackened Iksar Bones. Oracle Vauris says 'You have done well Skek. Now it is time for the true test of your clairvoyance. Only a true Scaled mystic will be able to put these spirits to rest. Be warned, these souls will not go quietly into the next world. They have strong ties to this land, and it is these ties we must break. Take them to the City of the Kunzar, the birthplace of the emperor. Only there will you be able to tear asunder the dark rituals that have twisted the souls of our ancient heroes. I will await you in that place Cradossk. " He gives you Iksar Relics NO DROP, LORE.

    You now need to head into Charasis again with a decent force. At least a single group of 55 plus from all accounts. In teh South Wing you will find An Iksar Apparition. Give him the Iksar Relics. He immediately turns into Venril Sathir and 4 other mobs - an Arisen Disciple, Priest, Necromancer and Acolyte - aggro you. This battle can be fierce but this version of Venril is not the same as the one in KC thankfully. Venril Sathir drops a Skull of Rile. After you kill these mobs an amiable mob, the Spirit of Rile appears. Give him your Skyiron Cudgel of the Arisen and the Skull of Rile and you get the following message.

    The spirit of Rile says 'Use your cudgel to unite my soul with my body Cradossk '

    The spirit of Rile begins to shudder and shake, the bones fly from your hands to meet their rightful soul. The spirit and bones being to glow and meld into one another, forming a swirling mass of ethereal energy. Abani begins to mouth incantations in an unfamiliar tongue. Their voice rises ever higher as mystic energy surges through the room. Then, in a suddenly flash, the spirit and corpse disappear without a trace, leaving only Cradossk holding a Faintly glowing Cudgel in his hand.

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