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    Shaman Skull Quest No. 7

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    Shaman Skull Quest No. 7

    Post by swath on Sat Oct 29, 2011 2:26 pm

    You will notice an NPC on the Bridge in East Cabilis named Hierophant Granix. He is a Shaman Trainer and when hailed says, 'Leave me in peace Cradossk, I have little desire for company now. The Faceless sends visions to me that may hold the fate of our race in sway.'

    You ask him, "What Visions?" and he replies, "'The spirits tell me of strange happenings around the ancient city of Charasis. None of the mystics that have been sent to investigate have returned. Something is surely happening in the ancient tombs of that city. I pray to our lord for some way to calm the tortured spirits of our fallen brothers that haunt the Howling Stones.'

    You must now gather a force strong enough to fight in the South Wing of Charasis or Howling Stones as it is known. If you aren't aware, Charasis is a dungeon in Overthere that requires a key to enter (the key quest information can be found here).

    The dungeon requires a solid group of 50's to go very deep in. Kill random mobs until you have aquired one dusty skull and 4 glowing skulls.

    Return the Dusty skull to Hierophant Granix and you receive this message:

    Hierophant Granix peers at the skull intently. 'There is strange magic in this skull Cradossk, whatever necromancer animated this skeleton was a powerful warlock indeed. I sense the power of several ancients in this relic. Take this skull to Oracle Qulin in the field of bone, he may be able to perform the ritual which will free this ancient's spirit from the mortal

    You will find an NPC by the shore in Field of Bone named Oracle Qulin. Give him the skull.

    Oracle Qulin runs his scaled fingers slowly over the cracked, brittle skull. 'Granix did well to send you to me, I may yet be able to recover the spirit of this ancient and set it free. Come! I shall need your help with this ritual.'

    Oracle Qulin dips the skull in the crystal waters. He lifts the skull over his head and stands completely still, allowing the water to drip down off the skull down over his body and finally on to the parched sand.'

    Oracle Qulin begins to chant. Quietly at first but then louder and faster. He speaks a language you only vaguely recognize. It is the voice and language of the ancient oracles. His voice booms out over the water filling your mind with images of the ancient Sebilisian empire and the great Iksar rulers of old.

    Oracle Qulin's voice stops suddenly, leaving the air completely silent. Even the waves seem to have stopped for a moment. You begin to move toward him, but he raises a hand toward you motioning for you to stay still.

    Oracle Qulin says 'Suddenly without warning the skull flies from Quilin's hands and flies into the murky waters. It stays submerged for a moment and then flies toward you, but this time an entire corpse is attached to it.

    This spawns An Arisen Iksar whom you must kill. He is approximately lvl 50 so you will want a few friends for this depending on your level. Once killed he drops Wet Skull Fragments. Give those to Oracle Qulin.

    Oracle Qulin says 'It seems this particular ancient does not wish to be put to rest. Return this note to Hierophant Granix and tell him what happened. He will surely wish this skull to be disposed of properly, but I do not have the power to do it myself.'

    You return the note to Hierophant Granix. Hierophant Granix says, 'It is as I feared, the mark of the warlock has surely driven these ancient spirits mad. We can not allow these spirits to roam free in our world Cradossk. Take this case and place the glowing skulls of other ancients inside of it. Return it to me with your Cudgel of the Heirophant so that we may remove these cursed spirits from our world forcefully.'

    He gives you an Ornate Skull Case which is a 4 slot combinable container. Put the 4 Glowing Skulls from Charasis in this container and combine them. Then hand in this combined container and your Iron Cudgel of the Hierophant and you receive your new cudgel.

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