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    Shaman Skull Quest No. 6

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    Shaman Skull Quest No. 6

    Post by swath on Sat Oct 29, 2011 2:24 pm

    After you complete the last quest for your Cudgel of the Channeler (and many congrats by the way you are an elite Iksar Shaman by now) you speak to Hierophant Dexl, the other Hierophant. This is the conversation.

    You say, 'Hail Hierophant Dexl'

    Hierophant Dexl seems to be preocupied. He is examining an egg. 'What?!! Who has [sent] you to me? Bah!! Away with you.' He ignores you and continues chanting.

    You say, 'Di Nozok sent me'

    Hierophant Dexl drops the egg he was holding. Egg yolk splatters on your foot. His eyes roll back into his head. He speaks, but his voice is that of a female. 'I await you, Cradossk . My sisters and I yearn for the return of our skulls. We are the [Sisters of Scale]. Find us and bring to this hierophant our skulls and your iron cudgel of the Channeler. Go.'

    You say, 'Who are the Sisters of Scale'

    Hierophant Dexl wipes egg yolk from his clothing. 'My, what a mess!! Hmmph!! What did you say? Sisters of Scale? They were a legendary trio of mystics. We once had their skulls sealed within this temple, but now they are lost. I sent a channeler to retrieve them. His name was Vagnar. I am sure he shall find them.'

    You say, 'who is vagnar'

    Hierophant Dexl says 'He's a capable channeler, I trust he knows where to look and will prepare himself. Any competent servant of our Lord would prepare potions and supplies before going on such a quest. If he doesn't come back, it's no great loss, he wasn't Hierophant material anyway.'

    This is as far as Dexl goes. The next set of clues was found on the Herb Vendor Island in West Cabilis. The dialogue goes like this.

    You say, 'Who what where is Vagnar'

    Jaxxtz says 'Vagnar? I don't recall.....Unless Vagnar was that shaman supposedly on some quest to save our entire race from total destruction..someone always on one of those. He bought some charms to ward of [Dragon kin]. He's most likely in the belly of some beast now.'

    You say, 'What Dragon kin'

    Jaxxtz says 'Yes he said he needed to steal secrets from the hated Sarnaks to aid him in his true quest. He said the sarnak know ways to cleanse the mind from intrusion, he would say no more.'

    There is an Alchemy potion recipe that drops off Sarnak Adherants in the Sarnak Fort in Ill Omen. This ties directly into the text given by Jaxxtz the herb merchant. The recipe is written in Lizardman and when read shows this:

    From Opal Slush and Dristilate shall come Xinth. From Sarnak Nightdust, Gorge Moss, and Sponge Mushroom shall come Opal Slush. From Firiona Drixie Dust, Stoneleer Emerald plume, and Slate Chant Rock shall come Dristilate.

    1. Sarnak Nightdust - Sarnak Partisans in Frontier Mountains
    2. Gorge Moss - Foraged in Gorge of King Xorbb
    3. Sponge Mushroom - Foraged in Mines of Nurga

    1. Firiona Drixie Dust - From Drixies in Firona
    2. Stoneleer Emerald Plume - Found on Cockatrices in Overthere
    3. Slate Chant Rock - Found on Goblin Rockchanters in Nurga. Tan in Color.

    Once made the potions will be called "A Potion of Swirling Liquid." It is not a drinkable potion, only a potion in name. It is trivial to make with alchemy at around 40.

    At this point you will need to head into the Crypt of Dalnir. On the second floor there is a spawn called the Coerced Channeler. He mumbles to himself and if killed screams about a river of Xinth. Give the Coerced Channeler the Potion of Xinth. He despawns and is replaced by our Friend Vagnar the Channeler. Vagnar gives you the first of the skulls of the sisters of scale and immediately becomes KOS and runs off screaming "Go to where the pines have been smashed. Must reach great heights!"

    If you go to the Burning Woods outside the Sarnak Fort/Chardok there you will see 2 guard towers. The top of the East Guard Tower is reachable. You must go back 150 feet from the gate on the zone wall. There is a spot there where you can climb high enough to be above the roof of the guard tower. Fire up levitate and scale of the wolf. Then run straight at the tower, preferably in windowed mode. You should run right in. Inside you will meet an NPC named Atheling Plague.

    He tells you,' Ahh!! A conversationalist. How good to meet you, Cradossk. Yes. I have heard of you. Go ahead and ask for that which has brought you to my tower and emboldened you to slay my weaker minions.'

    Say to him "Give me the skull of the sisters of scale"

    He replies, "'What a coincidence! I, too, seek a skull. Perhaps you might help me [obtain the skull]. Perhaps then you shall have the skull you desire.'

    You say, 'I will help you obtain the skull'

    Atheling Plague says 'I am sure you would not mind removing the head of a scaled mystic. I hope not. There is an old Iksar who once called me slave. Now he shall adorn my wall, mounted on a fine plaque. His name is Digalis. Find him. Do not return until your task is complete.'

    In the Temple of Droga in the Jail there you can find the room which spawns Iksar Prisoners. One of the Spawns is an Iksar Slave. There are 2 that look
    identical but say different things when hailed. You want the one that when hailed gives you this - an iksar slave peers up at you. His face is covered
    with grime and he shows scars from goblin whips. He shakes his head and goes back to his thoughts. If you ask him his name he tells you he is Digalis. This is a weird part of the quest in that you must kill him here to get your skull. You do take negative faction with Scaled Mystics which doesn't make a lot of sense. He's an easy enough kill.

    Return to Atheling and hand him in your skull of Digalis. It shows as Iksar Skull LORE NO DROP. After handing it in you get this:

    Atheling Plague tosses the skull over the edge of the tower. 'Excellent. You show signs of a true Iksar slayer. Too, bad I have already given the skull of the Sister of Scale to another. Perhaps you would like to meet him before he departs. Say hello, Doval.'

    Atheling then spawns Clerk Doval who resides in Cabilis. Doval is a Traitor and friend of the Sarnaks it seems. You get time to get a pet out and prepare to do battle. He is no particularily tough but he is healed by Atheling. Atheling doesn't join in the fight though. Once you've killed him he says this:

    Clerk Doval says 'All Iksar residents.. shall learn.. of my demise. Ungghh!!

    Loot the 2nd skull from his corpse.

    The 3rd skull info was discovered before the 2nd one was completed, it is probable that asking about Clerk Doval could produce results leading to Klok Poklon. By asking Klok Poklon, in the "Upstairs Bar" near the shaman guild, "Who are the Sisters of Scale"...

    He responded "Hmm, yes, the Babble around here is that one of the Kloks in the Lake Garrison has one of the Sisters of Scale Skull up for Auction. The Temple will bury him when they hear of it!"

    Asking around the vendors in Lake of Ill Omen yielded this:

    Klok Sargin says 'Looking for the skull I had for sale? I am afraid I sold it to a staunch lizard champion. I would gladly give you his name if you
    would do me a [slight favor].'

    You say, 'what slight favor'

    Klok Sargin says 'The lake garrison has requested that I work on a helm similar to the ones worn by sarnak dragoons. The problem is.. I need one to examine. You go get me one and I will tell you who purchased the skull.'

    The Helm is dropped by Sarnak Dragoons in the Sarnak Fort in Lake of Ill Omen. The Helm is TEMPORARY so run straight back to the garrison and Klok Sargin. Hand him the Helm and you get this:

    Klok Sargin appears a little shaken. He has a few bruises on his face. 'Uhh. Thanks. I sort of told the lizard who bought the skull that you were asking for him, and, well, he was kinda mad, and... Cradossk, meet Bruiser.'

    He spawns an Iksar Warrior named Bruiser who says this:

    Bruiser Noz is a battle-scarred lizard with arms the size of tree trunks. He approaches and speaks. You feel the lager-tinged breeze blast your skin. 'Stay out of this, Klok !! I didn't spend 30 seasons in the legion to be pestered by the likes of you!! Here I am, you little croak!! You want my skull? Come and get it!!'

    Klok Sargin shakes with fear. A dark stain begins to spread across the front of his trousers. 'Ye.. Ye.. Yes.. Yes, Bruiser.'

    Bruiser Noz says 'Ha!! Who dares to take what is Bruiser's!! I will make swamp mush out of them!!'

    Bruiser gives you time to get a pet out etc. He's an easy kill at lvl 51 I'd say he's at most lvl 38 probably less. Kill him and you loot the 3rd Skull. Take this skull with your 2 other ones and the Cudgel of the Channeler back to Cabilis and down to Hierophant Dexl. Hand all 4 to him and you get this message:

    Hierophant Dexl goes into a trance and speaks with the voice of an ancient. 'You have returned the skulls of the Sisters of Scale. For this you shall be rewarded. Take this hierophant's weapon. May you use it to smite the foes of our people.' Dexl comes out of the trance. 'What?!! Whew. Hey!! Where is my cudgel?'

    You now have the cudgel.

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