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    Shaman Skull Quest No. 1


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    Shaman Skull Quest No. 1

    Post by swath on Sat Oct 29, 2011 2:20 pm

    Talk to Hierophant Oxyn in the Temple of Terror. After you return complete the Curse Wafer's Quest, ask Hierophant Oxyn "What lost skulls?" and he responds, "You must have heard of the Trilac Brotherhoods disappearance. They are the skulls of three soon to be ancients. They were taken from this temple by a silent intruder. Crusaders are always on duty. I do not know how they got into our vault. Every petitioner is ordered to search for the three skulls and return them to me along with their petitioner cudgel and then they shall become clairvoyants."

    When asked "What Iron Cudgel of the Clairvoyant?" Hierophant Oxyn shakes his head and waves a finger in your face. If you are looking to be handed the Iron Cudgel of the Clairvoyant then you are sadly mistaken. Perhaps if you were to gather a few [lost skulls] for the temple we may find you worthy to wield one. So you obviously need to gather the skulls to find out how the get the cudgel. The three skulls are named Waz, Morgl, and Logrin. The intruder can be found in the "sewer" area of East Cabilis. (I have been told he has been spotted in the Swamp of no Hope as well).

    The way to get to the sewers from the Temple of Terror is to swim past the bridge then to the left and under one of the docks that the gondola stops at. If you find an underwater tunnel that has barracuda swimming in it, you have found it. Follow the tunnel and you'll occasionally come to some open areas that you can jump out of the water. Any jump-out point is good, however the last one allows the greatest access to MOBs to kill and cause the Iksar outcast to spawn. In this area spawns mostly mosquitoes, and scorpions with the occasional decaying skeleton. The rare spawns are the Iksar outcast and the giant leech.

    Collect all 3 skulls and return them to Oxyn along with the �Cudgel of a Petitioner� you received when you gave your guild note to the guild master (NOT THE WOODEN ONE). You receive some faction, coinage, your very own Iron Cudgel of the Clairvoyant and the second skull quest.

    Need all dialogues; current faction hits; name, /loc, abilities, and faction hits of quest mobs.

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