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    Shaman Skull Quest No. 3

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    Shaman Skull Quest No. 3

    Post by swath on Sat Oct 29, 2011 2:21 pm

    Tell Hierophant Zand "I am the chosen savior" and he closes his eyes and bows before you. "I am honored to meet the one who shall pledge his life to the return of the Skulls of the Ancients. However, I must see proof of our prowess as of yet. Go to the outlands and retrieve one Froglok Hexdoll, and no, they are not found on Frogloks. They are shaman dolls made by the goblin tribe." The doll can be found on a Goblin Hextracer in Warslik's Woods. After you turn in the Hexdoll, you get a note to deliver to Crusader Quarg in Field of Bones. Quarg gives you a six slot container and tells you to go to the Tower of Kurn and bring him the Skulls of the Caste of Bone Brethren, a caste of powerful shamans who perished fighting undead in the Field of Bone several decades ago. You are to get the skulls of the 5 Caste members along with the Skull of the Leader. The Leader Skull is a Lore skull with an "X". The others are non lore Skulls with an "X". (When Identified, they say Caste of Bone Brethren). They all drop off the Crusader in Kurn's Tower. Put them in the bag and combine it. This turns the bag into "C.O.B.B box" Take that back to Crusader Quarg, along with your previous cudgel, and he will give you the Iron Cudgel of the Mystic.

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