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    To create armor in RoF:

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    To create armor in RoF:

    Post by swath on Thu Dec 13, 2012 8:51 pm

    •Tier 1: Group drop (Fear Touched item) -OR- Raid drop. Combine this by itself in a Rust-Tinged Box of Fear (the box isn't consumed, and can be used unlimited times), which results in your fully made Tier 1 armor piece.
    •Tier 2: Group drop (Fear Stained item) -OR- Raid drop + your Tier 1 armor piece inside a Rust-Tinged Box of Fear(the box isn't consumed, and can be used unlimited times). •Alternatively, you may combine the Armor drop with an Essence Augmentor (about 13k plat) inside a Rust-Tinged Box of Fear.

    Shadowknights, Shaman, Necros, and Beastlords change the focus on one of their wrists by simply combining it in a Rust-Tinged Box of Fear.

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