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    raid progression guide (this is up to underfoot)

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    raid progression guide  (this is up to underfoot) Empty raid progression guide (this is up to underfoot)

    Post by swath on Wed Dec 21, 2011 10:11 pm

    This is a list of EverQuest raids, categorized by difficulty (approximate). Links here point to mob entries, zone entries, and quest/event writeups. (A tip if you're looking for loot: Some events, particularly in recent expansions, spawn a chest after completion. Chests have their own entries in our bestiary, so check for a chest if you see a mob with no loot.)

    If you can handle "Encounter A" in a stage, you would theoretically be able to handle the others in the same stage and those prior to it.

    Disclaimer: Depending on your guild or raid's makeup, you may find these to be +/- a stage. This list is generalized.

    Raids from Planes of Power and earlier have no player cap. Raids from Lost Dungeons of Norrath and beyond are capped at 54. Exceptions are noted below (some are capped at 24 and 42).

    Quest raids (for example, epic 1.5/2.0 encounters) are not included here.
    Stage 1 (~Kunark)

    • Chardok Royals
    • Cobalt Scar: Kelorek`Dar
    • Dreadlands: Gorenaire
    • Emerald Jungle: Severilous
    • Karnor's Castle: Venril Sathir
    • Old Sebilis: Trakanon
    • Plane of Fear: Cazic Thule
    • Skyfire Mountains: Talendor
    • Timorous Deep: Faydedar

    Stage 2 (~Velious)

    • Akheva Ruins: The Itraer Vius
    • Dragon Necropolis: Zlandicar
    • Icewell Keep: Dain Frostreaver IV
    • Kael Drakkel: Derakor the Vindicator
    • Kael Drakkel: King Tormax
    • Plane of Growth: Tunare
    • Skyshrine: Lord Yelinak
    • Sleeper's Tomb
    • Temple of Veeshan: Halls of Testing
    • Temple of Veeshan: West Wing
    • Velketor's Labyrinth: Velketor the Sorcerer
    • Wakening Land: Wuoshi
    • Western Wastes: Klandicar
    • Western Wastes: Sontalak

    Stage 3 (~Avatar of War/NTOV)

    • Acrylia Caverns: Khati Sha the Twisted
    • Akheva Ruins: Shei Vinitras
    • Grieg's End: Grieg Veneficus
    • Akheva Ruins: The Insanity Crawler
    • Kael Drakkel: The Avatar of War
    • Ssraeshza Temple: Arch Lich Rhag`Zadune
    • Ssraeshza Temple: High Priest of Ssraeshza
    • Planes of Power: Xanamech Nezmirthafen
    • Temple of Veeshan: North Wing
    • Umbral Plains: Rumblecrush
    • Umbral Plains: Doomshade

    Stage 4 (~Emperor Ssraeshza)

    • Plane of Hate: Maestro of Rancor
    • Planes of Power: Aerin`Dar
    • Planes of Power: Grummus
    • Planes of Power: Manaetic Behemoth
    • Planes of Power: Rydda`Dar
    • Planes of Power: Saryrn
    • Planes of Power: Sol Ro Tower - Arlyxir
    • Planes of Power: Sol Ro Tower - Jiva
    • Planes of Power: Sol Ro Tower - Rizlona
    • Planes of Power: Sol Ro Tower - The Protector of Dresolik
    • Planes of Power: Sol Ro Tower - Xuzl
    • Planes of Power: Tallon Zek
    • Planes of Power: Terris Thule
    • Planes of Power: The Seventh Hammer
    • Planes of Power: Vallon Zek
    • Sanctus Seru: Lord Inquisitor Seru
    • Ssraeshza Temple: Emperor Ssraeshza
    • Ssraeshza Temple: Vyzh`dra the Cursed
    • Ssraeshza Temple: Xerkizh The Creator

    Stage 5 (~Vex Thal)

    • Plane of Hate: Innoruuk
    • Plane of Mischief: Bristlebane
    • Planes of Power: Agnarr the Storm Lord
    • Planes of Power: Bertoxxulous
    • Planes of Power: Mithaniel Marr
    • Planes of Power: Rallos Zek
    • Planes of Power: Solusek Ro
    • Vex Thal
    • Wall of Slaughter: Velitorkin

    Stage 6 (~Elemental Planes)

    • Ferubi: Packmaster Skoiat Pizak
    • Ferubi: Weapon Master Vtiink Vzaan (Smith Rondo)
    • Ferubi: Zun`Muram Votal
    • Lost Dungeons of Norrath Raids
    • Planes of Power: Plane of Air
    • Planes of Power: Plane of Earth and Plane of Earth B
    • Planes of Power: Plane of Fire
    • Planes of Power: Plane of Water
    • Veeshan's Peak

    Stage 7 (~Plane of Time)

    • Lost Dungeons of Norrath Raids
    • Plane of Time B
    • Wall of Slaughter: Hulcror
    • Wall of Slaughter: Pyrique Redwing

    Stage 8 (~Uqua)

    • Ikkinz: Trial of Glorification
    • Ikkinz: Trial of Righteousness
    • Ikkinz: Trial of Transcendence
    • Kod'taz: Pixtt Grand Summoner
    • Uqua, the Ocean God Chantry
    • Yxtta: Pixtt Suir Mindrider
    • Yxtta: Primal Arachnid
    • Yxtta: Primal Insect
    • Yxtta: Primal Reptile

    Stage 9 (~Qvic)

    • Ikkinz, Chambers of Destruction
    • Inktu'ta, the Unmasked Chapel
    • Qvic: Cynosure Kvanjji
    • Qvic: Iqthinxa Karnkvi
    • Txevu: Aneuk Nyrt Ymosa
    • Txevu: Aneuk Rilst Uskst
    • Txevu: Ixt Kial Ivesi
    • Txevu: Ixt Quall Nalnn

    Stage 10 (~Txevu)

    • Ruined City of Dranik: Battlemaster Rhorious
    • Ruined City of Dranik: Zun`Muram Volklana
    • Txevu: Ancient Cragbeast Matriarch
    • Txevu: High Priest Nkosi Bakari
    • Txevu: Ikaav Nysf Lleiv
    • Txevu: Ixt Hsek Syat
    • 24 - Calling Emoush
    • 24 - Trial of Perseverance
    • 42 - Sporali Caverns: Antraygus, the Sporali King

    Stage 11 (~Kessdona/Rikkukin)

    • Blood Raid: Matriarch Shyra
    • Dragons of Norrath: Kessdona the Enlightened
    • Dragons of Norrath: Rikkukin the Defender
    • Riftseeker's: Chailak
    • Riftseeker's: Feratha
    • Txevu: Ukun Bloodfeaster
    • Txevu: Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk
    • 24 - Dragons of Norrath: Goblin Dojo
    • 42 - Dragons of Norrath: Volkara's Bite

    Stage 12 (~MPG Trials; Tacvi)

    • Arcstone: Zomm the Seventh Born
    • Blood Raid: Bloodeye
    • Blood Raid: Emperor Draygun
    • Dragons of Norrath: Yar'Lir the Matriarch
    • Muramite Proving Grounds Raid Trials
    • Riftseeker's: King Gelaqua
    • Riftseeker's: Queen Pyrilonis
    • Sunderock Spings: Fiddleback
    • Sunderock Springs: Mistwalker
    • Sunderock Springs: Oblivion
    • Tacvi, Seat of the Slaver
    • 24 - Dragons of Norrath: The Curse of Ju`rek
    • 42 - Blood Raid: The Council of Nine
    • 42 - Dragons of Norrath: Guardian of the Sands

    Stage 13 (~Anguish; Demiplane Tier 1)

    • Anguish: Arch Magus Vangl
    • Anguish: Jelvan
    • Anguish: Keldovan the Harrier
    • Anguish: Ture
    • Anguish: Warden Hanvar
    • Blood Raid: Sendaii the Hive Queen
    • Demiplane: Hatchet the Torturer
    • Demiplane: Wailing Sisters
    • Demiplane: Zi-Thuuli
    • Dragons of Norrath: Vishimtar the Fallen
    • Relic: Ashenback
    • Relic: Shar`Drahn
    • Relic: Tsikut
    • The Devastation: Bartol the Cragmaker
    • The Devastation: Titanothon
    • The Steppes: Erdna the Sleeping Giant
    • 24 - Icefall Glacier: Chief Urgak (wounded kobold)

    Stage 14 (~Demiplane Tier 2; Theater of Blood)

    • Anguish: Overlord Mata Muram
    • Demiplane: Devlin Rochester
    • Demiplane: Redfang
    • Demiplane: Roley and Adriana
    • Demiplane: The Performer
    • Demiplane: Tris Wallow III
    • Direwind Cliffs: Pyre Lord Narseekin
    • Direwind Cliffs: Severan the Direwind Caller
    • Elddar Forest: Vertekin the Soothsayer
    • Icefall Glacier: Avalanche
    • Razorthorn: Ghost
    • Razorthorn: Snowtail
    • Relic: Porthio the Second Born
    • Sverag: Faction Bosses
    • The Root of Ro: Lair of Suchun
    • Theater of Blood: Anastasia the Thought Drinker
    • Theater of Blood: Gnarlibramble
    • Theater of Blood: Mad Mary Anne
    • Theater of Blood: Valik the Cruel
    • Tunare's Shrine: The Corruption of Ro
    • Valdeholm: Udengar the Traitor
    • 24 - Valdeholm: Kill Kangur
    • 24 - Vergalid Mines: Into the Leviathan's Lair

    Stage 15 (~Deathknell; Vergalid)

    • Deathknell, Tower of Dissonance
    • Demiplane: Mayong Mistmoore
    • Razorthorn: Sullon Zek
    • Skylance: Daosheen the Firstborn
    • Theater of Blood: Maestro Tan`lor
    • Theater of Blood: Vasella Fireblood
    • Valdeholm: Speak with the King
    • Vergalid Mines: Vergalid's End

    Stage 16 (~AG/FC; Bloodmoon 1/2)

    • Ashengate East
    • Ashengate West
    • Ashengate North: Dyn'Leth's Army
    • Ashengate North: Veldyn
    • Ashengate North: Lethar the Black
    • Ashengate North: Dyn'Leth
    • Bloodmoon Keep: The Fanged Moon
    • Bloodmoon Keep: Crazok's Throne
    • Fortress Mechanotus: Octa the Collector
    • Frostcrypt Raid 1
    • Frostcrypt Raid 2
    • Hills of Shade: Scorn
    • Loping Plains: Wirlem

    Stage 17 (~Solteris)

    • Ashengate North: Lethar's Final Stand
    • Big Bynn's Return
    • Deepscar's Den
    • Solteris, the Throne of Ro
    • The Steam Factory: Mining Behemoth
    • The Steam Factory: Power Station
    • The Steam Factory: Spindlecrank

    Stage 18 (~Meldrath's Mansion)

    • Bloodmoon Keep: Ralkor's Crystals
    • Crypt of Shade: Bimbalicus the Soulbleeder
    • Meldrath's Majestic Mansion
    • Old Blackburrow: Stop the Ascension
    • Temple of Bertoxxulous

    Stage 19 (~Crystallos)

    • Crystallos, Lair of the Awakened
    • Bloody Kithicor
    • Kaesora Library Council
    • Kurn's Stronghold
    • Field of Scale

    Stage 20 (~SoD Tier 4+)

    • Korascian Warrens: Showdown at the Crystal Core
    • Rathe Council Chambers Raid 1: The Brothers Zek
    • Rathe Council Chambers Raid 1: Eriak's Downfall
    • Rathe Council Chambers Raid 2: Rallos Returns
    • The Fall of Toskirakk
    • Korafax, Home of the Riders: Mindshear Avatar
    • Korafax, Home of the Riders: Venom Lord Ksathrax
    • Korafax, Home of the Riders: Pallorax the Soul Slayer
    • Discord Tower: Mindblight
    • Discord Tower: Trophy Room
    • Discord Tower: Stasis
    • Discord Tower: Scrying
    • Discord Tower: Sacrifice
    • Discord Tower: Overlord Muram
    • Discord Tower: Edge of Destruction

    Stage 21 (~Fippy in Underfoot)

    • Brell's Rest: Fippy's Revenge
    • Cooling Chamber: The Beast Below
    • Pellucid Grotto: The Unburrowing
    • The Foundation: Masked Invaders

    Stage 22 (~Brath in Underfoot)

    • The Underquarry: The Wrath of Brath
    • Arthicrex: Cliknar Hive Guardians
    • Arthicrex: The Cliknar Queen

    Stage 23 (~Brell's Temple in Underfoot)

    • Fungal Forest: The Fungal Corruption
    • Lichen Creep: A Cunning Plan
    • Brell's Trials: Trial of Creation
    • Brell's Trials: Trial of Deconstruction
    • Brell's Temple: An Audience with Brell Serilis
    • The Convorteum: The Gatekeeper
    • The Convorteum: The Stone Warden
    • The Convorteum: Unstable Creation
    • The Convorteum: The Keymaster
    • The Convorteum: The Hall of Records
    • The Convorteum: Magus Sisters
    • The Convorteum: The First Creation

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