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    Blood Spells: Clerics, Druids and Shaman

    Post by swath on Sat Oct 29, 2011 3:22 pm

    You say, 'Hail, Grennik Neltrin'

    Grennik Neltrin says 'Hello. Have you been exploring the island? I came here to discover the secrets of the Broken Skull trolls but I have yet to even explore the island. Rumors that their high priest Nadox held the power to cure any disease have been drifting around Norrath for some time. I've come to see if the rumors are true. Unfortunately the island is much more dangerous than I had imagined and I haven't found anything useful. If you find anything having to do with the troll High Priest, please bring it to me.'

    •Combine a Blackened Vial, Broken Skull Clan Blood and Gunthak Gulf Water in a brew barrel to make a Black Potion (no fail).

    •Combine the Black Potion with some Pure Blood (again in a brew barrel) to make a Glowing Black Potion (no-fail).

    Upon handing the potion to Grennik:

    You gain experience!!

    Grennik Neltrin holds the vial carefully between her fingers as she spins it slowly in the light. 'Yes I believe the potion is complete now. Of course we can never be certain until one of us drinks it. Since you prepared it would stand to reason for you to try it.'

    She lifts the dark potion towards ______ and ______ reaches out and takes it from her. ______ takes a deep breath and brings the potion to his lips. The smell nearly makes him faint, but he regains his composure and swallows it in one giant gulp.

    You are suddenly filled with dark warmth as the potion slides down into your stomach. You can almost sense it invading your body, battling with your defenses. You stomach turns as the venom and blood mixes in your stomach and you fight the urge to pass out. You focus all of your energy on combating the poison inside you and your body begins to turn the venom. Eventually the poison grows silent inside you and only a slight warmth is left in its place. You have conquered the poison.'

    Clerics and Druids receive the Spell: Pure Blood while Shaman receive the Spell: Blood of Nadox.

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