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    Chalice of Conquest

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    Chalice of Conquest

    Post by swath on Sat Oct 29, 2011 2:44 pm

    Note: to start this quest, you need amiable faction with the Paladins of Underfoot. At the moment, only dwarf paladins enter the game with sufficient faction to get the quest, as there is no known way to raise it.

    I was helping my good friend Riae Soulmender in Dagnor's Cauldron trying to find that elusive Bilge Aqua Goblin when suddenly Riae mentions that he found some exiled Paladin by the docks of faydwer. Naturally I felt obligated to go investigate. Off to Butcherblock I went in search of something interesting.

    I get to the docks and to my surprise I find a friendly young Dwarf fisherman by the sea.

    "Hail, Dru Razbine", I said. He responds back about his fishing spot and tells me how he needs to fish for food now that he is banished from Kaladim. I listen in on his story of woe and how he was stripped of his Cape of Underfoot by Datur Nightseer, the leader of the Paladin Guild in Kaladim. Turns out he was chosen for a very important task by Datur, failed, and was banished.

    If only he had a brave Paladin to help him. "I think you've found your best hope Dru, let me help you," I said to him, hoping for the chance to redeem my newfound fallen dwarf paladin. He jumps at the chance maybe seeing something in me that reminded him of himself back in his younger years.

    He goes on to explain the unfortunate circumstances surrounding what has happened. He was sent by Datur Nightseer to carry the Chalice of Conquest to a noble band of Paladins in the Mountains of Rathe. Dru then informs me that the Chalice of Conquest is very special indeed.

    Rumor has it that Brell himself delivered the Chalice to the Church of Underfoot himself. Drinking from the Chalice of Conquest assures you of victory, howerver only good natured people can drink from the cup. If someone of an evil past drinks from the cup, they suffer the wrath of Brell.

    He goes on to say he was able to make it to the group of High Paladins in Rathe Mountains but while he was there a band of orcs attacked the camp. During the melee an opportunistic Blue Orc was able to sneak into the camp and steal the Chalice! Dru was busy fighting off the attacking orcs to notice the artifact being stolen. After the fight was over Dru chased the orc off into the sunset to no avail.

    When Lord Datur Nightseer heard of the events that took place from Dru, he chose to blame his once noble paladin and banish him from Kaladim.

    After his tale ended he handed me a container with two slots. He told me that once I found the Chalice of Conquest and the Candle of Bravery, combine them, and return the case to Lord Nightseer. "Candle of Bravery?" I asked, having never heard of such an item. He explained that is a Ceremonial candle lit when the Chalice of Conquest is to be drunk from. He told me to get the Candle of Bravery I would have to get both the candlestick and the candle, the latter of which burnt out long ago and he did not know where Priestess Ghalea aquires them from.

    From this point I'm off on my quest for the Chalice of Conquest, Candle of Bravery, and most importantly- To restore Dru Razbine to his former glory of being a Paladin of Underfoot. First, thanks to Riae Soulmender who reminded me who she was, I went to Kaladim to speak with Priestess Ghalea of the Church of Underfoot. I made my way to the cleric guild inside Kaladim and asked the Priestess about the Candle of Bravery.

    She explains that the candle itself is very difficult to make and only one person is able to do this task: Dok of Halas. She told him that if I needed one made I would surely need some Soil of Underfoot to give to Dok. For the Soil of Underfoot I had venture to Lesser Faydark and lay waste to some Fairies, and pick up four portions of Fairy dusts. After this tedious task I returned the dust to Ghalea and she gave me some blessed Soil of Underfoot. I then knew my journey required me to take the boat to Antonica.

    After a long boat ride, followed by a long run, I made found myself at the Paladin camp in Rathe Mountains, the same Paladins who give out the Armor of Ro molds. I find Nicholas, the dwarven Paladin, and ask him about the Chalice of Conquest. He fills me in, with more detail, of the orc attack that fateful day and the events that followed.

    Turns out that after the attack, a passing ranger helped Nicholas track down the blue orc to an orc camp in the near by Lake Rathe. At this lake the found the blue orc's dead body, appearently the orc had taken a fatal blow during the fight but had enough stamina to make it back to the camp, and a group of orcs too powerful for just the two of them to take on.

    Nicholas decided that it would be best to go back and get help from the other Paladins. The next morning when the Paladins returned to the orc camp they found it deserted with some orc remnants scattered about. They found a bracelet with the name "Klunga" on it, a shovel, a bag of cauldron prawns, and two sets of tracks leading away from the camp. Nicholas went on to say that the orc camp has now been taken over by green orcs and advised me to stay away.

    I thanked Nicholas for the information and then asked him what he knew about the Candle of Bravery. He gave me a piece of the broken candlestick and went on to say
    that the Rathe Mountains are not only overrun by monsters, but by evil druids as well! Appearently an odd druid somehow managed to brake the candlestick and steal a portion of it during a fight between the druids and the paladins.

    Nicholas even remembered the druids battle cry, "Long live the green!!!" Nicholas told me that if I was able to find the other piece of the candlestick, the make of the candlestick would surely be able to put it back together.

    Against Nicholas' advice, I went to Lake Rathetear in search of clues. I found the orc camp that he mentioned, dispatched the surrounding orcs and found an abandoned orc shovel on the ground, which I promptly picked up. I found no other clues or tracks however, so I went back to Rathe Mountains in to find the odd druid who holds the remaining portion of the Candlestick. At this point I searched and searched and searched but could not find any druids that seemed... well unordinary to me.

    Luckily for me an old friend of mine, Bohr Blackblade of Fires of Heaven, a fellow Dwarven Paladin, passed through the mountains and stumbled upon me. I informed him of what I was searching for. He sat down for a moment to think, like many wise dwarfs do at times. He stood up and told me that the only "odd druids" he knows of in the Mountains of Rathe would be the Unkempt Preservers. He then told me he was in a bit of a rush and he hoped he helped out. I waved goodbye and then started looking for Unkempt Preservers. I indeed found them and after killing the evil druids for almost a full day I felt discouraged. I took a bit of a rest and decided to give it another shot. Then out of nowhere I heard, "Long live the green!!!", as a dagger pierced my shoulder from behind. I quickly showed her what a Dwarven Paladin is made of and I'm sure she will regret what she started for all eternity, the druid fell dead at my feet.

    I did indeed find the Base of the Candlestick on the body and felt with these components I should make my way to Halas to find Dok.

    I was unfamiliar with Everfrost and Halas, and everything inbetween. After a days journey wandering the Snowy Peaks I found a cave with surrounding Barbarian Warriors. I found myself at Halas at last. I was able to find Dok in the building aptly named "Dok's Cigars". When I hailed him Dok told me how I would find no cigars for they had run out and I should leave.

    I informed him that I was not there for the cigars, but for the Candle of Bravery. "Candle of Bravery? I'll need the candlestick, or pieces of it, a pouch of Soil of Underfoot, and a honeycomb to make that magical item," he told me. Of course I had every component accept the honeycomb and none of the local shops had any instock. I reluctantly left Halas and started the journey for Misty Thicket, where I had heard Bixies dropped the Honeycomb I was after.

    Lucky for me a friendly druid named Tryst Trustolid was kind enough to take me to Misty Thicket in a flash. I found a Honeycomb in one of the local shops and my friend Tryst was able to get me back to the Karanas. From there I was able to run back to Halas and turn in the items to Dok. He must have been a shaman because I was sure I felt some magic pulsating from the Candle of Bravery when he handed me the item. I placed the Candle into my container given by Dru Razbine and was already halfway to my goal!

    At this point I was all out of clues. I had a bracelet with the name Klunga on it, and an abondoned orc shovel. "Where could the Chalice be?" I asked myself over and over. The blue orc, Klunga?, had it last and now he is dead. I finally went back to Nicholas to ask about the orc remnants to see if I missed something. He reminded me that he found the shovel, the bracelet, and a bag of cauldron prawns when he looted the camp.

    Cauldron prawns! How could I have been such a gnoll and missed that clue, surely it meant that the Orcs were from Dagnor's Cauldron.

    So I rode the boat back to Faydwer and headed to the Cauldron. When I arrived I found that my old friend Dalas Soww was there looking for the elusive Blige. I asked him if he had seen any orcs in the area and he quickly led me to the only orcs he knew of, the orc scout camp high atop of a rocky hill. I thanked him and he went along his way. So I was onto them now.

    I found the orcs and they were going to give me the information I needed to find the Chalice! Even though I was very good at the Orc Language they would not respond to my questions. I showed them that Dwarves do not appreciate such lack of cooperation. I had to resort to violance. I slaughtered the Orcs and every time they came back to the camp I slaughtered them again. Still no information. However I did notice an odd pattern. Roughly every 6 hours there would be four orc at the camp instead of three. However this fourth orc that was appearing was still just a plain Orc Scout. But I was determined, and continued the Orc slaughter, I needed to redeem Dru!

    Finally, days later, a new orc appeared at the camp. It was an exiled orc legionaire. "Could this be what I have been looking for?!" I questioned myself. Sure enough he followed suit as with his orc brethen not responding to my questions so I dispatched him. However this orc, instead of dropping Rawhide armor, dropped a note. A bloodstained note.

    The note had some very interesting information, the spelling was sloppy as is all Orc Literature. The note read a little something like this: "Dis is a notis of the death of Klunga~ He tryd to reedeam himsef by stealig a Dwarv cup~ When he drunk from cup at lake he died~ We drug his body back to Calldrin~ We burnd bodi in fire pit here~ We bury cup here~ We killd gnome castor here~ We tink he knows sumtink~ Den all is gud~"

    I deciphered the note I found on the Orc with my brother Xiae Soulmender, a very intelligent High Elf wizard. We decided the message stated that Klunga was the blue orc that stole the cup, he was not injured during the battle in Rathe Mountains but died from drinking the cup. His fellow orcs brought Klunga's body and the cup back to the Cauldron.

    The Orcs then cremated Klunga's body in the fire pit at the Orc Camp, and buried the cup elsewhere. The only thing we weren't quite sure about was the Gnome caster. Who was it? And where was he? While scouring the Cauldron for answers I noticed my brother Diae Soulmender, a Ranger, walking to the Estate of Unrest. I asked him if he could try to track down this Gnome Caster.

    He was able to make short work of that task, finding Ghilanbiddle Nylwadil very quickly. Ghilanbiddle was at a camp with some companions of his. I asked Ghilanbiddle if he knew anything about the Chalice of Conquest. He told me that he knew the Chalice was buried within the Cauldron but he did not know precisely where, however he did know someone who does.

    He explained using his arcane magic he would be able to resurrect Captain Klunga and have him lead me to the cup. He required a few items to do this task, a item that was once owned by Klunga, a portion of his blood, and most importantly, 100 gold coins. I had the bracelet klunga had owned, and also 100 gold coins. But what could be the portion of blood? "Is it possible the bloodstained note itself is what he requires?" I asked myself.

    I decided it was worth a try. I traded him the note, the bracelet, and 100 gold coins.

    Sure enough he responded back saying the he had successfully resurrected Klunga's soul to the place he was laid to rest. Ghilanbiddle also told me that Klunga's soul would need something to dig up the Chalice with. I sure was glad that I picked up that abandoned orc shovel at the Orc Camp back in Lake Rathetear.

    I ran to the Orc Camp where I found the exiled orc, and found a skeleton named Captain Klunga. I gave the scattered fallen bones the shovel. I have to admit I jumped back a bit with the bones came together to form a skeleton twice the size as I. Klunga, wordless, started walking in a straight line towards a distant point in the Cauldron.

    I followed him into the water and swan close behind to follow, my only fear now was that a passing adventurer would kill Captain Klunga before he was able to dig up the chalice. We made it across the Cauldron to a remote spot. Klunga paused a moment, a brown bag appeared at his feet and then he turned on me! I unsheathed my Ghoulbane, and dismissed him back to the realm of the undead.

    When I picked up the brown bag where Klunga paused I found none other then the Chalice of Conquest! Overjoyed I made my way back to Kaladim. Ran through the halls, past the Bank of Kaladim, through the halls of the Church of Underfoot and kneeled before my liege, Lord Datur Nightseer, the noble Paladin leader.

    I placed the Chalice into the container and combined the two items. I handed the container then to Lord Datur Nightseer who, in return, gave me a Cape of Underfoot for my troubles. The Cape itself was not very useful, a simple 4 armor class and maybe 5 extra stamina.

    I believe the cape to be more of a status symbol in Kaladim and almost forgot about Dru Razbine himself. I ran to him, cloak in hand, seeing in his eyes that he knew my quest was over and he would be able to back to Kaladim.

    Dru Razbine exclaimed, "Jiae, you're definitely a finer Paladin then I. Take this holy weapon, but be careful what you do with the magical charges it possesses, for I know of only one cleric that can recharge the magical effect. The cleric I speak of went to the lava filled plains of Antonica and has not been heard from since. Thank you Jiae, I will now be able to walk the halls of Kaladim again..."

    When I examined the blade closely I found no magical effect or charges, does this mean I must search out the cleric in the lava filled plains of Antonica? What does she hold in store for me? A refined weapon? Possibly our grandest holy sword of all? We shall see in the future fellow Paladins, I call on you to help find the missing pieces regarding this Cleric!

    Need all dialogues, faction hits, in-game names of quest items and mobs, quest details, /loc of quest mobs, etc.

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