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    Post by swath on Thu Oct 13, 2011 7:13 pm


    Shadowknights are both plate-wearers and tanks. They were initially conceived of as hybrids somewhere between necromancers and warriors, but as EQ has evolved the class has become far more distinct.

    Shadowknights are mostly desired in groups for:
    • Tanking
    • Pulling
    • and Snare

    Shadowknights are mostly desired in raids for:
    • Offtanking
    • Kiting
    • and their ability to generate tremendous AE aggro.

    Class Capabilities

    • Aggro
    ◦ The shadowknight darkness line of snare Spells is an excellent way to get/hold aggro. Chaining the level eleven snare Clinging Darkness, together with a spell from the terror line (i.e. the lvl 33 Terror of Darkness), can be quite an effective aggro technique. Higher level shadowknights get more tools, including the Voice of X line, and the villify AE aggro line.
    ◦ Starting with the level 69 villify, shadowknights gain a series of incredibly powerful AE aggro spells.
    ◦ Shadowknights receive feign death at level 24, and a series of progressive upgrades. FD combined with the darkness line of snares can in many situations be used to single pull.

    Epic links

    •Epic 1.0 - Innoruuk's Curse
    •Epic 1.5 - Innoruuk's Voice
    •Epic 2.0 - Innoruuk's Dark Blessing

    Secrets of Faydwer Spell Info

    •76 - Soulthirst Horror Rk. II
    ◦Faction: Bertoxxulous's Chosen
    ◦Faction Level: Kindly
    ◦Merchant: Lanika Shadestepper
    ◦Zone: Hills of Shade
    ◦Location: 285, -550, 50

    •77 - Assiduous Impurity Rk. II
    ◦Faction: Ak'anon Strike Force V
    ◦Faction Level: Kindly
    ◦Merchant: Automated Vending Unit II
    ◦Zone: Dragonscale Hills
    ◦Location: 3695, -2555, 30

    •77 - Trial for Power Rk. II
    ◦Faction: Fangbreakers
    ◦Faction Level: Ally
    ◦Merchant: Derak Fangbreaker
    ◦Zone: Loping Plains
    ◦Location: -1450, -3210, 700

    •80 - Tome of Last Gasp Rk. II
    ◦Faction: Rebel Brownies
    ◦Faction Level: Kindly
    ◦Merchant: Karri
    ◦Zone: The Steam Factory
    ◦Location: -25, 485, 115

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