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    Solteris turnin order for Task 1

    Nightstalker's Den

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    Solteris turnin order for Task 1

    Post by swath on Tue Oct 11, 2011 9:10 pm

    To start ,the guards spawn by standing on the dial(everyone has to be on dial),and you have hail one of the three sisters , said HELP to her.
    map is marked 1 -9... stand on it pops a guardain of the number u stood on . kill guardian to do so you must stay on the sun dial which is fairly small no kiting room .. or be booted from zone loot a artifact. u need three of em .. they are no rent so dont DIE when you have one on you.
    We killed one turned it in killed next turned it in.
    If you have more then one item on on when u turn it in like if u have brenda and athneas weapons and turn into brenda she eats athenas so u have to start over.
    Also this is timed you have to beat it in a given amount of time, we took too long a brake between mobs and it reset. mobs in zone dont seem to respawn and drop 1- 5 of the currancy so after clearin all the trash mobs ended up with about 100. I'll update more after i actully get the buggers dead.

    OK edited . This took ALOt of deaths to figure out becuase u screw it up it resets.
    Once trash mobs were cleared we went to sun dial. idea is give each sister three items once all three geared they attack each other one lives attack u .
    If you dont give them the right combos you end up with two to fight instead of just one so heres a good set up.
    Start at :
    Guardian of the First Prime, drops valen ak-daal give to brenda
    Guardian of the Second Prime, drops salve of stinging shot give to athena
    Guardian of the Third Prime, drops serpentine backstabber give to christine
    Guardian of the Fourth Prime, drops phial of swirling toxins give to christine
    Guardian of the Fifth Prime, drops mistmoore buckler give to brenda
    Guardian of the Sixth Prime, drops vermillion batfur shawl give to athena
    Guardian of the Seventh Prime, drops Finsternacht Cuirass to brenda
    Guardian of the Eighth Prime, drops lightning scorned greaves give to christine
    Guardian of the Ninth Prime, drops shroud of the purest shade give to athena

    once all three are equipt. christ attacks athena, athena wins and gos after brenda she wins again she depops and a new version of her pops and starts whipping on raid. KIll her a chest pops! It also cause the DS sheild to drop so you can go to next stage of the raid.
    Things to watch out for:
    -People leaving the dial= fail
    -Guardian of the First Prime
    enrages,AEs a Feign Death/DD spell.
    -Guardian of the Second Prime
    enrages,AE DD spell. (like 12k)
    -Guardian of the Third Prime
    -Guardian of the Fourth Prime
    enrages,Dot 5k
    -Guardian of the Fifth Prime
    enrages, immune to magic
    -Guardian of the Sixth Prime
    enrages, immune to spells.
    -Guardian of the Seventh Prime
    -Guardian of the Eighth Prime
    rampages, casts a knockback that can knock u off the dial
    -Guardian of the Ninth Prime (drops Shroud of Purest Shade)
    enrages,casts a knockback that can knock you off dial

    ***Grats Wyrm Council.*** Screw off {guild name removed}your NOT the only guild doing solt. nor were you the first. Show some respect to your elders.


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    Re: Solteris turnin order for Task 1

    Post by Nirvantis on Wed Oct 10, 2012 2:59 am

    I will be reading every walkthrough and writeup I can find on solteris events 1-3, we will whoop solteris into submission this winter Wink

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