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    Solteris Audio Trigger's

    Nightstalker's Den

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    Name: Swath
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    Solteris Audio Trigger's

    Post by swath on Tue Oct 11, 2011 9:09 pm

    This is the link to download .wav files for solteris. it is an executable file that will install folder of sounds into you audio triggers folder. R3680810

    The trigger lines are listed below along with the sound name that matches them. I will just name the sound name but each sound has a male and female voice marked with either (F) or (M) after the name but both say same thing. While you may not need all of these for general purposes like the event reset triggers might be only used by the raid leaders and the rogue/necro/monks so thye know when they can move on a recovery, i including them in the general listing and you can always add what you think you need at first and if find you need the others just type in the lines from in game and select the sound file for it.

    You are cut by the blade of the Ak-Daal. = Stand

    A splash of swirling toxins seeps into your skin. = Sisters 4th prime

    Aprosis the Fourth Confidant calls forth his minions! = Aprosis adds

    Aprosis gathers together a ball of arcane energy and prepares to hurl it at his enemies! = Aprosis Magic

    Aprosis gathers together a ball of blazing energy and prepares to hurl it at his enemies! = Aprosis Fire

    Aprosis gathers together a ball of freezing energy and prepares to hurl it at his enemies! = Aprosis Cold

    Rear Guard Captain Balreth begins to tremble uncontrollably. You begin to see many faces emerge = Rear Guard Wipe

    Solteris shakes and trembles as the Rear Guard Captain has reemerged. = Rear Guard Reset

    Your view of the world changes. = Seer's Touch

    An Aspect of Commodus shakes violently as its life-force is siphoned. = Aspect Siphon

    Commodus, Solar Construct begins to feel his Aspects' life-force again. = Aspect HP Check

    Your skin begins to blister as you are inflicted with Solar Strike. = Solar Strike

    Commodus, Solar Construct surveys the area and chooses new prey! = Commodus Memblur

    Commodus, the Solar Construct shouts, 'Aspects, return to me!' = Commodus Reset

    Solusek Ro summons a ball of living flame and prepares to hurl it! = Sol Ro Adds

    Solusek Ro gazes at __(insert your name here)___ in anger and prepares a massive torrent of energy! = Sol Gaze

    Now I will destroy you and this paper prince once and for all!" = Mayong Repop

    The Master raises his sword, preparing to slash anyone standing nearby. = Mayong DT

    Mayong Mistmoore the Night slashes in a circle around himself = Mayong DT Clear

    when mayong sumons bats atm the best info i have for a trigger line is that he will begin to gather the "shadows" so for the time being i set this trigger to simply

    gathers the shadows together = Mayong Bats


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    Re: Solteris Audio Trigger's

    Post by Lewky on Wed Oct 12, 2011 6:35 pm

    Man that seems like a lot of work lol
    Nightstalker's Den

    Posts : 352
    Join date : 2011-09-24
    Age : 46

    Character sheet
    Name: Swath
    Level: 100
    Class: Ranger

    Re: Solteris Audio Trigger's

    Post by swath on Thu Oct 13, 2011 5:16 pm

    it is for all the events in solteris though lewky
    Orann Hailstorm
    Orann Hailstorm
    Feral Lord's Den

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    Re: Solteris Audio Trigger's

    Post by Orann Hailstorm on Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:01 am

    Maybe its because i have never been here or there, either or, i dont have a clue what all this means, and why is it we need this downloaded ?? is this thing we have to say in order to get mobs to spawn/trigger.

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    Re: Solteris Audio Trigger's

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