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    Post by swath on Tue Oct 11, 2011 9:05 pm

    This raid expedition may be triggered with as little as six and up to 54 players.

    In order to participate in this raid, each member must have completed the entire "A City in Peril" task arc (six solo tasks and eight group tasks). Currently there is no backflag. Unflagged players may be "85'd" into the zone.

    Clicking on the yellow globe at the top of Katta Castrum initiates the expedition. Upon porting into the main floor of the temple, head to its basement and use the portal there. You will be taken to the resting place of Tsaph Katta. On the other side of his room is another portal which takes you to the top of Katta Castrum.

    Solteris consists of four "islands".

    Island 1:
    - Mayong's Mistresses (Althea, Brenda, and Christine return)
    - Deadly Swarm (Aprosis the Fourth Confidant and cohorts)

    Island 2:
    - Stalwart Defenders (Rear Guard Captain Balreth)
    - The Captured Portal (Astire, the Lunar Eclipse)

    Island 3:
    - Portal to Dreadspire (Irrissa the Seer)
    - The Final Portal (Commodus, Solar Construct)

    Island 4:
    - Two Gods (Mayong Mistmoore and Solusek Ro)

    Information about individual events can be found in their own 'quest' entries linked from the sidebar.

    Each has a lockout timer of 4.5 days.

    Each event drops two phosphene clusters. The effects on these items summon a number of phosphenes:

    Mayong's Mistresses: 100
    Deadly Swarm: 100
    Stalwart Defenders: 200
    The Captured Portal: 200
    Portal to Dreadspire: 400
    The Final Portal: 400
    Two Gods: 1,000

    Phosphenes are used to buy Rank III spells and armor from elite Combine Empire Merchants vendors in Katta Castrum. Each successive event unlocks an additional armor slot. Each event also unlocks certain spells. You do not need ally faction to buy armor or spells. You must, however, be properly flagged for Solteris.

    Mayong's Mistresses unlocks wrist (cost: 100).
    Deadly Swarm unlocks hands (cost: 150).
    Stalwart Defenders unlocks boots (cost: 200).
    The Captured Portal unlocks head (cost: 250).
    Portal to Dreadspire unlocks arms (cost: 400).
    The Final Portal unlocks legs (cost: 450).
    Two Gods unlocks chest (cost: 700).

    You must be present for each individual event completion up to that point in order to get access to the corresponding armor slot. So, if you've only attended a "Mayong's Mistresses" (Event #1)and "Stalwart Defenders" (Event #3) kills, you will only have access to wrists. Completion of "Deadly Swarm" (Event #2) will then unlock both hands and boots (giving you credit for the previous completion of Event #3).

    Master Gulliastus sells chain armor.
    Master Dammara sells leather armor.
    Master Cappello sells plate armor.
    Master Archimetus sells silk armor.

    Master Ellestellian sells Rank III caster spells.
    Master Ulyssus sells Rank III hybrid spells.
    Master Renalto sells Rank III melee tomes.
    Master Patales sells Rank III priest spells.

    Also, you will notice "trash" mobs in the zone dropping a lot of Phosphites. These are used to buy Power Sources which give improved stats to this armor.

    Master Pokk sells Pure Energeian powersources.

    All vendors are located in the highlighted area of this map of Katta Castrum.

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