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    Druid Debuffs


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    Druid Debuffs

    Post by Morgenos on Tue Oct 23, 2012 4:15 pm

    Druid debuffs can reduce resistances to fire and cold, but they can also rob attack and AC. One of the things I learned the hard way was why we should cast debuffs when healing. Ro spells ASAP and refreshed as needed, anything else as the situation allows.

    The following is all general information. If requested I can add specific values or edit to include links.

    Hand of Ro (Level 42, AA L81) and Fixation of Ro (L61, AA L81)together, Grasp of Ro (L86), Grip of Ro (L91), and Blessing or Ro (AA rk 1 L90, rkII L95) lower the FR, AC and Attack values of the mob allowing Fire spells to land more often for higher damage, melee attacks to be more successful, and decrease average damage taken in melee (if a mob has a max hit of 15k it will still hit for 15k, but a much less frequently). Grip and Grasp reflect heals on target's target.

    E'ci's Frosty Breath (L63), Glacier Breath (L67), Icefall Breath (L72), Hoar Frost (L74),Chillvapor Breath (L77), Gelid Frost (L79) Coldwhisper Breath (L82), BlancheLd Frost (L84), Bracing Breath (L87), Argent Frost (89), Encompassing Breath (L92), and Silver Frost (L94) all reduce AS and Cold resistance. The "Breath" line (after E'ci's Frosty Breath) also adds a damage modifier to the debuff. Bracing Breath and Encompassing Breath also reflect heals on target's target.

    The Skin to _____ line of "Disempowering" spells adds a damage modifier to Fire based spells. Target must be "living" and the spell does change body type to plant, so there have been conflicts in the past.

    Some Damage over time spells also have debuffs on them, the Sunray and Moonbeam lines reduce their respective resist and further lower AC.

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