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    eq:AA Categories Empty eq:AA Categories

    Post by swath on Sun Sep 16, 2012 2:01 pm


    Type: Meaning

    Caps: Referring to Cap raising AAs, either stats, skills, or secondary modifiers (mod2s)

    Defense: Referring to Defensive type AAs (Heal spells, Better Mitigation / Avoidance, Hate Reduction, etc.)

    Emergency: Referring to AAs for emergency situations, generally activated, but can be passive that are triggered at low-health and the like.

    Offense: Referring to Offensive type AAs (More swings, better melee / spell damage, less resists / misses, etc.)

    Resists: Referring to Resist Stats, and mod2s related to spell damage reduction

    Stats: Referring to any stat that is not covered by
    Resists, and not a cap raising AA

    Tradeskill: Referring to any tradeskill related AA

    Utility: Referring to any AA that doesn't fall into any of the previous Type categories


    Subtype: Meaning

    Amount: Melee and Spell Amount types combined

    Hate: Referring to primarily Hate generating or reducing AAs

    Heal Amount: Heals, heal focus, and rune type AAs

    Heal Duration: AAs that change the duration of duration heals

    Melee: General Melee type AA

    Melee Amount: AAs that change (improve / reduce) Melee damage per successful hit

    Melee Swings: AAs that change (increase / reduce) either Successful hits, or amount of swing attempts

    Misc: Any not covered by others types listed here in Subtypes

    Movement: AAs refering to Run Speed, or other types of movements.

    Skill: AAs referring to a skill

    Spell: General Spell AAs

    Spell Amount: AAs modifying direct spell damage / heals / etc.

    Spell DoT: AAs modifying DoT damage / HoT heals / etc.

    Spell Duration: AAs modifying spell duration

    Spell Resist: AAs modifying spell resist rate

    Timer: AAs that modify refresh timers


    Target: Meaning

    Ally: Nearby Allies

    Enemy: Nearby Enemies, often directional

    Group: Your group

    Pet: Your pet(s)

    Self: Yourself

    Target: Your target


    Focus: Meaning

    Burning Affliction: Increases DoT Damage

    Extended: Increases Spell Duration

    Haste: Reduces Cast Time

    Improved Damage: Increases Spell Damage

    Improved Healing: Increases Heal Amount

    Mana Preservation: Reduces Mana Cost

    Melee Focus

    Focus: Meaning

    Cleave: Increases Chance to Critical Hit

    Dodge: Increases Chance to Avoid (Dodge) Attacks

    Ferocity: Increases Chance to Double Attack

    Haste: Increases Swings per Second

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