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    Post by swath on Tue Oct 11, 2011 8:12 pm

    If you have the Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh or have completed the pre-quest:

    Tavon Vastsea may be found in Nedaria's Landing at +1025, +1525.

    You say, 'Hail, Tavon Vastsea'

    Tavon Vastsea says 'Greetings ______, I see you helped my brother in eradicating the Plasmatic Priests, stopping Zordak Ragefire, and saved Norrath from an eternity of flames. We need to [call] you to [duty] again.'

    You say, 'Call to duty?'

    Tavon Vastsea says 'This time the crisis threatens not only Norrath, but all of existence as we know it. Invaders from the Realm of Discord have transversed time and space to conquer this realm. The invaders, these Muramites, are not where the true threat lies. All of Norrath has banded together to stop these invaders, we have managed to halt their incursion for the time being. There are, however, whispers of a [dark faction] within our own, Norrathians who see our fight as futile, and are looking to swear fealty to the forces of the Legion.'

    You say, 'What dark faction?'

    Tavon Vastsea says 'We don't know much more about them. As I said, they are just whispers, but whispers in unison are loud enough for deaf ears. We cannot afford to present anything short of a unified front, should the Legion push toward Norrath with its full force. We need your assistance to find and exterminate these traitors. I can give you what little [information] I have, hopefully you will be able to track these betrayers to their leader.'

    You say, 'What is the information?'

    Tavon Vastsea says 'Travel to Taelosia. There you will find a young native, named Jomaj who had some suspicious dealings with someone claiming they were with the wayfarer's brotherhood. This is the closest I have to direction, gather information from this Taelosian, and bring it to my friend Shav on the Thorn. Find proof as to whether or not these traitors actually exist and return it to me.'

    Travel to Barindu and find Jomaj Kaiijin near Apprentice Udranda in the patch of corn with green stalks at +130, -665. He respawns approximately 2 hours after being killed.

    You say, 'Hail, Jomaj Kaiijin'

    Jomaj Kaiijin says 'Please don't hurt me! Oh, you aren't one of them. Are you here to ask about the [Wayfarers] that I spoke with?'

    You say, 'What Wayfarers?'

    Jomaj Kaiijin says 'They came to me, asking about the Legion. They wanted to know information on the ranks, how to contact the leaders. They claimed they were looking for information to infiltrate the Legion, but they seemed a little off, even for the Brotherhood. They gave me this note to pass on to the Legion. The whole situation did not seem right to me, you may have the [note]. If they were honestly with the Brotherhood return it to me, and I'll do what they asked. Anything to be rid of these creatures.'

    You say, 'What note?'

    Jomaj Kaiijin reaches into his tattered robes. As he begins to pull out the note he is impaled in the chest with an arrow. A dark figure melts from the shadows and pulls the note from the hand of the body.

    A Kyv Runner says 'Commander Votal will want to see this!'

    It attacks, hitting for up to 850 hps, and flurrying. You will probably need a group to kill it. Once it's dead:

    As the runner falls to the ground it manages to wrap the note around an arrow and shoot it into the ground nearby where it is quickly picked up by a Muramite.

    Kill the nearby Muramites until you receive an Encrypted Note, which identifies as "You cannot identify the code or language."

    Head to the Abysmal Sea and find Shav the Cryptologist at -165, -295, +100.

    You say, 'Hail, Shav the Cryptologist'

    Shav the Cryptologist says 'Greetings. I'm a little busy, you have something you need translated?'

    Give Shav the note.

    Shav the Cryptologist says 'Interesting, you say someone who claims to be part of the Brotherhood wrote this? This is one of the dialects used by the Legion. I am the only one able to read or write any of their languages, and this is the first I have seen of this note. From what I can tell, the author is trying to arrange a meeting with the Muramites. It sounds like the contact spot is pre-arranged, as it is only vaguely referred to here. I doubt this is the first note of this nature, perhaps if you could find earlier correspondence we can find the location of the camp.'

    In Ferubi, kill various Muramites until you loot Ripped Quarter of a Map, Shredded Quarter of a Map, Tattered Quarter of a Map and Torn Quarter of a Map. Bring the quarter-maps back to Shav.

    Shav the Cryptologist says 'Ahh yes, this is exactly what we needed.' She scratches a few notes down on a piece of paper. 'Bring this to Tweister in Nedaria's Landing. She will tell you the location of the camp.'

    You receive an Assembled Map, which identifies as "Map Fully Assembled." Find Cartographer Tweister on the right dock in Nedaria's Landing, at +1010, +2725.

    You say, 'Hail, Cartographer Tweister'

    Cartographer Tweister says 'Hello there, need something navigated, or mapped, or something of that sort? Hand it over already!'

    Give Assembled Map to Tweister.

    Cartographer Tweister pulls out a map and a compass and begins triangulating the coordinates, 'This location is in the South Western corner of Lesser Faydark.'

    Bring some friends (1-3 groups) and head to Lesser Faydark. Find Taskmaster Mirot in the southwest corner of the zone at -60, +3430.

    You say, 'Hail, Taskmaster Mirot'

    You will be attacked by many of "a Wayfarer," all of which say "You traitor, we've been waiting for you". There are around six of them, each level 65 and hitting for around 600. They all have low hps, are mezzable, rootable, and stunnable. You must kill them in order. You generally have a minute or so to rest before the second wave. Once they're all dead, the camp respawns full of undead and a new version of Taskmaster Mirot, level 70, who casts an AE Feign Death ("Wave of Death" which also DDs for 1500), and rampages. Kill the six Reanimated Minions, each of which are clerics, hit for 800+, and are linked to one another. The white skeletons are mezzable and the brown ones are rootable/snareable. Mirot will summon the skeletons back to him if they go too far away.

    Once everything is dead, loot a Magically Sealed Letter, which identifies as "A magical seal prevents opening." A chest may spawn with additional loot. Take this letter back to Tavon Vastsea.

    The seal on the letter vanishes as Tavon whispers into it. He opens the envelope and pulls out a short letter, his brow furrows as his eyes dance across the pages. 'This is truly grim news. Until now I held hopes that the rumors held no truth, but this is irrefutable evidence of their existence. They call themselves the Disciples of Discord. As we speak they are gaining information for the Legion, gathering information about races that would prove to be powerful allies or enemies for the Legion. Bring this note to Plavo, I do not know where he is, but he must be found. His scouts may already have found what they are looking for, so make haste.'

    You gain experience!!

    You receive a Dark Disciples Note of Service, which identifies as "This marks your service to the disciples."

    Head to the Wakening Land and find Scout Leader Plavo near the holgresh lair, at -3085, +780. Give him the note.

    Scout Leader Plavo says 'You are from the Faydwer camp are you? I'm not terribly familiar with the faces from there. Anyway, the scouts have been sent out, and are gathering the "parts" that we believe the Legion will need to prepare for the incursion into our realm. If we are to find their good graces, we must prove that we will stop at nothing to [aid] them.'

    You say, 'Aid them?'

    Scout Leader Plavo says 'They will research and learn about the greatest mortal beings in this realm. Learning about the creatures that may prove to be friend or foe, so they prepare for either. Our scouts have gathered most of the information that they need, but there are a few creatures that we still need to harvest brains from. Currently scouts are attempting to find the brain of the Shissar, a dragon, and an Akhevan. I am sure any of the scouts would welcome your assistance. I will send runners ahead to notify them you may be arriving.'

    The brain of the Shissar is a Shissar Cerebral Cortex, which may be looted from A Shissar Arcanist or an elite temple guard in Ssraeshza Temple (and possibly other mobs), and which identifies as "A flawless sample of Shissar Brain." The brain of a dragon is a Dragon Cerebrum, which may be looted from Scout Pirri in the Western Wastes, and which identifies as "A flawless sample of Dragon Brain." The brain of an Akhevan is an Akhevan Brain Stem, which may be looted from Atulinae`Vius in Akheva Ruins, and which identifies as "A flawless sample of Akhevan Brain."

    Bring the three brains and a raid force back to Scout Leader Plavo. Note: You will lose the brains if you lose this fight. Scout Leader Plavo despawns (any dialogue?) and Dark Disciple Master spawns in his place. He hits for 1-2k per swing, procs Deathly Chants every 18 seconds, is very difficult to slow, is unmezzable, rampages, and is highly magic resistant. At 60-70% health, it will spawn Plavo`s Remains, which flurries for 1k and is slowable but unmezzable. Kill this and go back to killing the Dark Disciple Master. At 30% health, it will spawn several Minions of the Master, which hit for 700, are slowable/snareable but unmezzable. At 10% health the Dark Disciple Master casts Protection of Discord III and Spiritual Echo. Once it's dead, "a gilded chest" spawns and you must DPS it to loot the Aegis of Chaotic Worship. Another chest can spawn with additional loot. The aegis identifies as "Try as you might, the shield does not fit on your arm."

    Head back to Tavon Vastsea and give him the aegis.

    Tavon Vastsea says, 'Interesting, I heard about your fight with the leader of the Disciples. I've never seen anything like this. Take it to Borik Darkanvil in the Plane of Knowledge. Return to me when you are done with him, in the meantime I will try to find information on where he went after your fight.'

    You get the aegis back. Borik Darkanvil may be found at -390, +500 in the Plane of Knowledge. Give him the aegis.

    Borik Darkanvil says, 'This is truly amazing. I've never seen a metal like this: it is almost alive. It appears similar to some of the alloys that we have seen from the Legion, but this is like nothing I have ever seen. It suggest that the leader has been through the portal. I am afraid it will not be of any use to you in its current state, the metal is attuned to a single person. I believe the resonance can be changed, so you may use it. Speak to Navtil. He will tell you what you need to do. I believe he has traveled through the portal for some metallurgical research in Discord.'

    Again, the preceding is not the exact dialogue. If you have the exact dialogue, please let us know.

    In the Ruined City of Dranik, you can find Natvil at +990, -305.

    You say, 'Hail, Natvil'

    Natvil says, 'Greetings, well met, salutations, and good day! I hear you are trying to change the resonance on a shield from Discord. Well I believe that is something with which I can assist you. You will need to have a temper made from some of the native creatures of Discord, you'll need the plasma from one of the giants of Discord, one of those flying squids, and the plasma from one of those fiery women. Brewing the temper should prove no trouble for you. Once you have the temper combine it with the shield in the forge with a flask of water, and it should become attuned to you. Once you are finished return to me, so I may evaluate your work.'

    You need to collect three plasmas: Bazu Plasma, from bazus in the Wall of Slaughter; Murkglider Plasma, from murkgliders in Nobles' Causeway, the Wall of Slaughter, and possibly elsewhere; and Pyrilen Plasma, from A Dragorn Assassin, in the Wall of Slaughter (bring a good group). Combine the three plasmas in a brew barrel to craft a Soul Temper, trivial 100, minimum skill required 100, identifies as "This can be used to re-attune an item to your spirit."

    Combine the Soul Temper, a Water Flask, and the Aegis of Chaotic Worship in a forge to craft the Harmony of the Soul, a.k.a. cleric epic 1.5 (no-fail combine), which identifies as "Although the shield fits, you sense hidden power." You also receive 5 AAs and access to your new 1.5-specific title, Priest.

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