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    Beastlord Quest spells: Malaria and Bond of the Wild

    Nightstalker's Den

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    Name: Swath
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    Beastlord Quest spells: Malaria and Bond of the Wild

    Post by swath on Sat Oct 29, 2011 3:15 pm

    Craegin Coldtongue is on the southwest tip of the lighthouse island at location 1359, 54, 4.

    You say, 'Hail, Craegin Coldtongue'

    Craegin Coldtongue glances at you with eyes of energy. He peers across your armor and then finally seems to come to a decision and points to the ground. He kneels down and then begins to draw something in the dirt. You see the outline of a wolf begin to take shape. You then see a humanoid figure standing next to the animal. He draws a circle around them, presumably to show that they are connected somehow. Craegin looks up at you and points to the wolf and then at you. You think he is asking if you are a Beastlord. His gaze pierces your eyes waiting for an answer.

    You say, 'I am a beastlord.'

    Craegin Coldtongue nods quickly and begins to draw again in the sand. He points at the humanoid figure and then at himself. Apparently he has drawn himself. He looks up at you and you nod back in understanding. He points to the wolf and then points out onto the island. He grabs a handful of dust and blows it across the wolf's picture. Perhaps his [warder] is sick and lost on the island somewhere. He looks as if he might want to [draw] more.

    You say, 'Will you draw more about your warder.'

    Craegin Coldtongue nods furiously. He begins drawing again in the sand. you see some sort of spear being thrown at the wolf. He then draws a collar of some sort and then draws an arrow to the wolf. Apparently his warder has been injured and captured somehow by something on the island. You can see the pain in the barbarian's eyes as he looks at you hopefully. He hands you a small emblem of some kind and points towards the island.

    You will now receive A stone emblem.

    Give the stone emblem to an injured wolf: seems to be a random spawn, confirmed however at -1855, 1, 41 and -2231, -551.51, 44.8.

    An injured wolf cringes as you lean forward, but visibly relaxes as it recognizes the stone in your hand. You place the stone emblem into the clasp on the collar. The collar begins to glow softly and the beast begins to look much healthier. he struggles to his feet and looks at you for a moment. He then lets out a great howl that echoes in the caverns. He moves towards you and nuzzles your hand. You reach forward and run you fingers across his head. As your fingers cross the collar, the wolf winks out of existence, leaving you holding only only the softly glowing collar.

    Receive A glowing collar.

    Give the glowing collar to Craegin Coldtongue.

    Craegin Coldtongue looks at you in amazement as you hand the glowing collar to him. He looks as if he might weep for joy at any moment. He holds the collar firmly by the clasp and brings it down to his side. He mumbles some words and the wolf immediately appears beside him. He reaches into his bags and grabs a small stone similar to the one fit into the collar. You reach forward and take it from him. He points at the dirt once more as if he wishes to [draw] something for you.

    Receive Spell: Bond of the Wild.

    You say, 'What do you wish to draw for me?'

    Craegin Coldtongue kneels to the ground once more and begins to draw. He draws the picture of a skull in the dirt and then draws several squiggly lines beneath. You begin to realize he's describing a cave system beneath the island.

    You say, 'What is in the cave system?'

    Craegin Coldtongue nods at you. He reaches for a bag at his waist and pulls out a few grains of fine black powder. He rubs the black powder carefully across the cave sketch. He makes a sort of digging motion with his hands and points back toward the island. He must have found the black powder in the cave system on the island somewhere.

    Loot "A strange dark powder" from A Broken Skull Bruiser in Torgiran Mines and give this to Craegin.

    Craegin Coldtongue looks over the dark powder carefully for a moment and then nods at you. He grabs a small bag from his waist and places the dust inside of it. He then takes a second bag and empties another odd powder into the bag. He closes and shakes the bag vehemently and then looks at you expectantly. You nod. He reaches into the bag and pulls a bit of the mixtures out. Unexpectedly he blows the mixture into your face, causing your eyes to burn and your lungs to uncontrollably cough in pain. You fall to the ground for a moment, but the burning subsides. You rise back to your feet and Craegin hands you the rest of the bag of powder.

    You receive Spell: Malaria.

    Nightstalker's Den

    Posts : 352
    Join date : 2011-09-24
    Age : 46

    Character sheet
    Name: Swath
    Level: 100
    Class: Ranger

    Re: Beastlord Quest spells: Malaria and Bond of the Wild

    Post by swath on Sat Oct 29, 2011 3:16 pm

    Just done these two spell quest for my Beasty.
    Pointers to theses quest.

    Malaria lvl 40 spell
    Bond of the Wild lvl 52 spell.

    If you follow the quest line you end up doing the lvl 52 spell quest first, then the lvl 40 spell quest, kinda backwards if you ask me.

    However though if you hail Craegin Coldtongue, and then say ( Draw ) he will give you the Dialoge for the second quest before doing the first one, so it seems as though you may be able to do them seperately.

    Also if you are doing both quests for both spells, if you look on Alla's, you will find post of lots of people claiming the injured wolf spawns here at suchandsuch locations, he is a total random spawn, just go all around the huts there and kill everything, i did this easly at lvl 50, went 2 times around all the huts outside the fort, pop there was the wolf, most mobs were light blue, green, with a couple grey cons.

    Also once you ready to go to the Mines for the second spell, DO NOT GO through Nadox, that the long long way around, head to the harbor, as you come in head straight, you'll see the fort thing to your left, with invis up enter the fort, soon as you enter look for a ladder on the right, its really close to the entrance of the fort cant miss it, go up the ladder then run down the walkway there, and into the mines, the only mobs you need to kill are the Bruisers, but you will get adds, invis pots or spell is your friend here, less agro, and will be able to hunt down the mobs you need, if you go to far in they turn from bruisers to slavers, turn around and head back, most of the slaves in there will add, but a few wont, the bruisers also drop keys, give the keys to those who are not kos to you, youll get a bit of exp from it.

    Thank You Orann for this info i moved it to it's class specific area!!!!

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