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    Vah Shir Citizenship (#1)

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    Vah Shir Citizenship (#1) Empty Vah Shir Citizenship (#1)

    Post by swath on Sat Oct 29, 2011 3:10 pm

    Start by giving your Guild Summons to your guildmaster. You will receive an Application for Citizenship. Find Registrar Bindarah near the south gate and bridge at -390, +140. Give her the Application for Citizenship.

    Registrar Bindarah says 'Young ______, I will be happy to process your registration for you. While I etch your name on our people's book of records I will require you to run a couple of errands. Take this certificate to the tax collector and obtain his seal. While you're out doing that, have Mignah create your personal Acrylia slate for you. Bring both the seal and the slate to me as soon as you can.'

    You gain experience!!

    You receive a Certificate of Taxability in exchange. Find Tax Collector Khugra in the bank at -290, -455, -187 and give him the certificate.

    Tax Collector Khugra places his seal on the certificate before returning it to you. 'Ahh, a new taxpayer, wonderful! You must always remember that it is a distinct privilege to contribute to the upkeep of our noble society and not merely a duty or a burden. I look forward to collecting your honorable taxes in the future. May the spirits prosper you, ______.'

    You receive a Stamped Certificate of Taxability. Now find Mignah Cahru in the tavern near the north gate at +485, -285.

    You say, 'What about an acrylia slate?'

    Mignah Cahru pulls a smoldering piece of forged acrylia from a nearby oven and, before you can react, presses your hand into the still soft metal. 'This may hurt a bit, but it'll heal.' He then etches your name and the date into the slate and plunges it into a bucket of water before placing it into your stinging palm.

    You receive an Acrylia Slate. Head back to Registrar Bindarah and give her the stamped certificate and acrylia slate.

    Registrar Bindarah says 'This item, by itself, means nothing to me.'

    Registrar Bindarah says 'Ahh, there you are. I was about to send someone looking for you. Everything seems to be in order here, only one task remains. You must gain audience with the king and swear fealty to his highness by handing him this document. Return to me when this is done.'

    She will keep the acrylia slate for now, but you will get it back later. You receive a Note to King Raja, which reads:

    Oh great king, I hereby voluntarily pledge my life to serving the realm and preserving the noble Vah Shir. I am henceforth yours to command.

    Take it to King Raja Kerrath in the throne room of the palace, at 0, +565, -160.

    King Raja Kerrath says 'Your humility and willingness to serve shall not be wasted. There is much to be done, ______, and our people thank you in advance for your selfless service.'

    You receive a Note from King Raja, which reads:

    I, your beloved king, find the bearer of this note to be worthy of citizenship of Shar Vahl. May he serve the noble Vah Shir well.

    Return to Registrar Bindarah and give her the letter.

    Registrar Bindarah says 'Well done, ______, I am honored to be the first to welcome you to citizenship of Shar Vahl! May you serve our society as well as it serves you. Return to your guildmaster and present both the slate and the application to him. The acrylia slate shall henceforth serve as proof of your citizenship.'

    Registrar Bindarah says 'Oh, by the way, be careful with this as it will be important for recording your service to our society. If you should somehow lose it, ask me about your slate and I will issue you a new one.'

    Your faction standing with Citizens of Shar Vahl got better.
    You gain experience!!

    You receive an Acrylia Slate of Shar Vahl, along with a Notarized Application. NOTE: This slate is your unique identification for subsequent Vah Shir quests, so don't destroy it. Bring the application back to your guildmaster. Here's the dialogue for the Beastlord guildmaster:

    Elder Animist Sahdi says 'Allow me to be the first to welcome you to the Khati Sha, lords of the beasts. Accept this cloak, young initiate. It is a symbol of your loyalty to our noble people. May it serve you as you serve us all. Present your acrylia slate to Animist Poren and he will give you instruction. May the spirits of the beasts guide you and keep you safe.'

    You receive the Initiate's Cloak of Shar Vahl.

    Initial dialogues and faction hits much appreciated.

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