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    Shackle of Rock

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    Shackle of Rock

    Post by swath on Sat Oct 29, 2011 2:59 pm

    After completing the quest for your Shackle of Stone, Master Raska mentioned that you need to see Master Niska, who may be found at 456, 32 in the Court of Pain.

    You say, 'Hail, Master Niska'

    Master Niska bows with elegance and grace. You can see her arms rippling with muscles. 'Greetings. We are the Swifttails. We are the harnessers of the elements. We are the tails of discipline. To achieve rebirth into our caste is a great honor indeed. We can be identified by our adornments. You should display that which we have given you to adorn your arms with pride. You do have your bracer, correct?'

    You say, 'I want the Shackle of Rock.'

    Master Niska strikes within inches of your snout with amazing speed. 'The shackle of rock is your interest? Then learn well our ways and prepare yourself. If the stone embraces your wrist, you are ready indeed. To complete the second rung you must find for me the [Fists of Talon].'

    You say, 'What are the Fists of Talon?'

    Master Niska points to the Court Chronicler. 'All that is known of Talon has been chronicled. Should you obtain the fists then you shall hand them to me. This shall earn you the shackle of rock.'

    Purchase the book named "Talon Southpaw" (identifies as "Scribed by Rinmark") from the Court Chronicler nearby at 363, 48, across the courtyard from Master Niska. It reads:

    Talon Southpaw

    Talon Southpaw was the fastest pugilist ever to walk within the Court of Pain. His speed rivaled that of the great Grandmaster Tynn. He could often be found within the local taverns demonstrating the awesome speed of his left fist.

    Talon Southpaw came to rebirth within this caste. Although quick with fist and tail, the speed of his left arm was not to come to blossom for a couple of decades past his rebirth. It was to follow his captivity by the accursed sarnak.

    Soon after fulfilling the Rung of Tynn, Talon went on a wandering retreat into the dangerous outlands of Kunark. He was not heard from for a total of 5 seasons. Upon his return to Cabilis he told of his captivity within an ancient city of the Iksar now claimed by the sarnak.

    He told of intense torture.

    He survived the ordeal.

    He escaped from the claws of the sarnak with numerous scars which proved his painful ordeal. Most of the worst scars were never seen.

    Talon wore a robe which he never removed. The scars underneath were for no lizard's eyes. His great perseverance gave him an inner strength no other monk could lay claim to.

    He now possessed incredible, almost blinding speed with his left arm. He could trap a foe's arm with his left and strike with it as if he had a third arm! He was indeed a paragon of the Swifttails. All in the empire either respected or feared him. None would spar him outside of the taverns. With grog comes stupidity.

    Upon his death in Kurn, Grandmaster Tynn removed his hands in a private ceremony. Only Tynn was allowed to gaze upon Talon's body. The fists were then sealed in a canopic which would stay within the Tower of Kurn. His body was dusted. This is his tale as told by Rinmark.

    Klok Poklon may be found at +910, -70, on the first floor of the house near the castle.

    You say, 'Hail, Klok Poklon'

    Klok Poklon says 'Greetings, thirsty traveler. Pull up a stool and lay yer copper down. It's time to drink and be merry. Just don't get too merry or I will have to call the troopers.'

    You say, 'Who was Talon Southpaw?'

    Klok Poklon feints with two quick left hooks!! 'Talon Southpaw. He had the fastest hands in the empire. I remember he once beat another lizard in an arm wrestling match. The amazing thing was, while he was gripping the croak's left hand, he left-hooked him without losing his hold!! That's quick!! I hear one of his treasured hands is in the possession of a monk called Master Rinmark.'

    You say, 'Where is Master Rinmark?'

    Master Bain resides in the Court of Pain at 293, -49.

    Master Bain says 'Seeking Master Rinmark? He has left the Court of Pain. Gone to focus his thoughts on the elements of wind and thunder. I believe he was headed toward the Overthere. That was the last I heard of his trek.'

    Find "an Iksar master" in the Timorous Deep at -5055, +2790.

    You say, 'Hail, an Iksar master'

    an Iksar master is humming and chanting softly. He seems oblivious to your presence.

    You say, 'Are you Master Rinmark?'

    an Iksar master squints one eye open, then returns to his meditation.

    You say, 'Who was Talon Southpaw?'

    an Iksar master waves his arms in the air. 'The great master. His soul is the wind. He speaks to us in words of thunder. He strikes Norrath with bolts of lightning. I seek to be as he is. I have traveled the globe in search of his fists. I have found only one. Another is said to be with [Gomoz]. I shall return it when I am finished with my seasons-long meditation or perhaps I shall find a monk to [return the hand to Cabilis].'

    You say, 'Who is Gomoz?'

    an Iksar master says 'Disciple Gomoz was once Talon Southpaw's pupil. It is rumored that he has only one hand. Unfortunately, a horde of ogre raiders swiped his bones, along with others, from their place in Kurn's Tower. What those simple oafs plan to do with them is a mystery. Only one who has studied the arcane sciences could use them. They most likely used them as soup bones.'

    You say, 'I will return the hand to Cabilis.'

    an Iksar master hands you an old tattered sack. 'This shall be your proof of allegiance. Prove that you are strong with an intact mandible of a skulking brutling and the claws of a burynai excavator. Prove that you are a monk of fist and tail with a sash of an exiled human monk and the sparring gloves of a goblin pit fighter. Combined, these items make the sack full. This will earn my trust and the hand.'

    You receive a Tattered Sack from Rinmark, a 4-slot container. Acquire Excavator Claws (identifies as "Burynai Excavator Claws," dropped by various burynai), Intact Brutling Choppers (dropped by a skulking brutling in Warsliks Wood), Torn Sash (identifies as "Exiled Monk Sash," dropped by a young ronin in South Ro), and Goblin Sparring Gloves (dropped by a goblin pit fighter in Warsliks Wood). Combine them to create a Full Sack for Master (identifies as "property of Rinmark"). Hand this in.

    an Iksar master bows before you and takes a wrinkled, mummified hand from a pouch at his side. 'Take the hand. Let it rest within Cabilis and be reunited with the left.'
    Your faction standing with Swift Tails got better.
    Your faction standing with Legion of Cabilis got better.
    You gain experience!!

    You receive Iksar Right Hand '=|-' (identifies as "Right Hand of Talon Southpaw").

    Find The Great Oowomp elsewhere in the Timorous Deep at +5725, +3120.

    You say, 'Hail, The Great Oowomp'

    The Great Oowomp gestures as if casting a powerful spell. 'Come forward, adventurer! Come and [see the dancing skeleton]. I shall cast a powerful spell and bring forth this operatic, clattering jumble of bones and he shall do a fine dance for you. From the nether regions and planes beyond, I call forth this bardic, magical, rhyming, tap-dancing hunk of undead!! I am Oowomp the Great!!'

    You say, 'I want to see the dancing skeleton.'

    The Great Oowomp says 'Oh!! You wish to see the great Oowomp perform his magic!! I have studied with the grand mages and wise [McMerin clan] of Norrath, as my speech implies. I can call forth the skeleton with but a twinkling of my power and five of your gold.'

    Give him 5g (or any equivalent money).

    The Great Oowomp flings the coins into the air and they all fall neatly into his oversized coin pouch. 'Gaze in awe at my awesome powers of the arcane!! You, a simple citizen, shall see my power. Allakabam!!'

    The Great Oowomp begins to cast a spell.

    A dancing skeleton's body pulses with energy.

    You say, 'Hail, a dancing skeleton'

    a dancing skeleton begins to dance with a loud clatter. A cloud of dust is created. Teedle dee. Teedle doo.

    a dancing skeleton says 'A dancing skeleton am I.'

    a dancing skeleton says 'Dancing for you and dancing for me.'

    You say, 'Are you Gomoz?'

    a dancing skeleton says 'Gomoz!! Why, that is me! I was heading off to be with the elements when I was captured by this smelly ogre. Actually, he is not as smelly as most.'

    a dancing skeleton says 'Dancing for the great Oowomp!! Wheee!!'

    You say, 'Who was Talon Southpaw?'

    a dancing skeleton says 'Master Talon Southpaw!! He was my master. Dead, he became. Off to the elements. I keep his special hand with me. Perhaps I should have it returned. Maybe I shall find a young adventurer to [return the hand to Cabilis].'

    You say, 'I will return the hand to Cabilis.'

    a dancing skeleton says 'Yes!! Return the hand. Here it is. Missing four it is. Within the tower of past pain and torture is where the four lie. Taken by bones similar to myself.'

    a dancing skeleton says 'Dancing and singing is my life!!'

    You receive a "hand with one only a thumb" [sic] (identifies as "Palm of Talon Southpaw").

    Head to Kurn's Tower and keep killing the fingered skeleton until you have looted A Withered 2.5 Inch Finger (identifies as "Finger 3 Of Talon's Hand"), A Withered 3 Inch Finger (identifies as "Finger 2 Of Talon's Hand"), A Withered 3.1 Inch Finger (identifies as "Finger 1 Of Talon's Hand"), and A Withered 4 Inch Finger (identifies as "Finger 4 Of Talon's Hand"). Combine them in the hand container to craft a Iksar Left Hand '=|-' (identifies as "Left Hand of Talon Southpaw.").

    Finally, an Iksar Left Hand '=|-' (identifies as "an Iksar Left Hand") drops from a Sarnak courier in the Lake of Ill Omen.

    Hand in the three hands to Master Niska.

    Master Niska shakes her head. 'Tsk, tsk, tsk. There were more of Talon's Fists than this. Only by gathering all of his fists shall you earn the shackle of rock and bring you closer to the third rung.'

    Master Niska shakes her head. 'Tsk, tsk, tsk. There were more of Talon's Fists than this. Only by gathering all of his fists shall you earn the shackle of rock and bring you closer to the third rung.'

    Master Niska removes a crudely hewn shackle. 'This is yours. It is one of the keys to the third rung. I see that you are truly a great monk and have studied your disciplines well. I have need of one such as you. I have heard of [troubles with an outlander].'

    Your faction standing with Swift Tails got better.
    Your faction standing with Legion of Cabilis got better.
    You gain experience!!
    You receive 1 gold from Master Niska.

    You receive the Shackle of Rock.

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