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    Shackle of Steel

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    Shackle of Steel

    Post by swath on Sat Oct 29, 2011 2:53 pm

    After finishing the shackle of bronze quest, Master Rinmark asks you to help him rescue a student of his.

    You say, 'Where is your student?'

    an Iksar master hands you what appears to be the base of a key. 'This was delivered to me by a dying student. He collapsed just after handing it to me. He was accompanying a student of mine named Veltar. They were questing for the legendary Whistling Fists. The key is made of a metal I have never felt or heard of. Find him.'

    You receive Part of a Large Key (identifies as "Base of Coppernickel Key"), a 2-slot container.

    Then you need to find Veltar. Veltar ("an iksar slave") can be found in Frontier Mountains (cave "B" on EQAtlas map.

    You say, 'Hail, an Iksar slave'

    an Iksar slave seems to have lost all hope. He sadly looks to the ground. His shackles are different than the others you see in this cell. One is definitely steel and not of goblin design. The other is made of an unfamiliar metal.

    You say, 'Are you Veltar?'

    an Iksar slave 's soiled face shines with a glint of hope. 'You know my name? Who has [sent] you to find me?'

    You say, 'Master Rinmark sent me'

    an Iksar slave says 'Then word has gotten to him!! If you be a monk of the third rung I will accept your aid. You must find the [coppernickel key]. It is required to release me from this goblin shackle. I have no reward to offer other than the shackle of steel. Give me both your shackles of the third rung along with the key and I shall reward you the first shackle of the fourth rung.'

    You say, 'Where is the coppernickel key?'

    an Iksar slave says 'The key is split into three parts. Part one is the base and must be combined with the two remainder pieces. One piece is in here and the other was lost. I overheard the goblins chattering and recognized the goblin phrase, 'lair of flying mouths'!! As for the base, I do not know.'

    You now need to collect and combine the three pieces of the coppernickel key.

    1. You already have the base, which you received from Master Rinmark.

    2. The second piece is "A Copper Key", dropped by the goblin interrogator in the same cave as the iksar slave. It identifies as "A Copper Nickel Key |..".

    3. The "lair of flying mouths" is a reference to Dalnir. "A Nickel Key" is dropped there by a goblin penkeeper on the third level. It identifies as "A CopperNickel Key ..|".

    Combine the nickel and copper keys inside the base. This results in "A Coppernickel Key". Give Veltar the coppernickel key, and your bronze and copper shackles.

    an Iksar slave says 'I made a pact to reward the shackle of steel to one who could deliver the coppernickel key and the shackles of copper and bronze.'
    an Iksar slave says 'I made a pact to reward the shackle of steel to one who could deliver the coppernickel key and the shackles of copper and bronze.'
    an Iksar slave hands you a shackle and removes the coppernickel shackle so he may flee. He places your shackles on his wrists and darts into the darkness.
    You gain experience!!

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