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    Post by swath on Sat Oct 29, 2011 2:52 pm

    You must obtain the Shackle of Steel before beginning this quest.

    Find Veltar in the Dreadlands and speak to him.

    You say, 'Hail, Veltar'

    Veltar 's body has scars all about it, looking as though beaten with whips. One wrist bares a unique looking bracer, the other is bare. 'Leave me be! I did not come up here because I wanted company.' '

    You say, 'Tell me about the tynnonium shackle'

    Veltar says 'So it is the one that has freed me before! You seek the ways of Tynn I see. You must be on the true path of the monk to accomplish what is needed. The path will test the three virtues most important to becoming a true vessel for Cazic Thule's power. '

    You say, 'What are the three virtues?'

    Veltar says 'The three virtues are [patience], [agility], and [peace of mind]. Patience is important in knowing in when to strike your opponent, too soon and you may crushed, too late and your opportunity may pass. Agility is very important in showing your ability to avoid blows sent your way, and then returning what was sent to you. Without striking quickly you are no monk at all. Peace of mind will allow you to concentrate on the situation you are in. With it you can control your actions and make decisive strikes at critical times. Without peace of mind you may attack out of rage and will surely fall for your mind is clouded. You must complete these three [trials] to earn the shackle of the Grandmaster. '

    You say, 'What is the trial of agility?'

    Veltar says 'To show agility you must be tested by the most swift of us. Grandmaster Glox will provide your test for this. Ask him of the trial of agility. '

    You say, 'What is the trial of patience?'

    Veltar says 'Patience shall be tested by the one whom has the greatest patience. Seek Master Rinmark, and ask him of this trial. '

    You say, 'What is the trial of peace of mind?'

    Veltar says 'To show peace of mind you must decipher a tome found in the library of Kaesora. An undead tome keeper will wait for you to come, ask him of the trial of peace of mind. The tome will tell you what you shall seek. Do with the tome the same as you would with the item you seek. Show you have clarity of mind in solving this. '

    Head over to East Cabilis and find Grand Master Glox.

    You say, 'I am ready for the Trial of Agility.'

    Grand Master Glox says 'I knew you were not the whiff others claimed you to be, are you sure you are ready to be tested in agility?'

    You say, 'Yes, I am ready'

    You will warp into a locked room.

    Grand Master Glox begins to cast a spell.
    Grand Master Glox says 'We shall spar then, I hope you are as prepared as you think you are.'

    Master Glox regards you indifferently -- You would probably win this's not certain though.

    You say, 'Hail, Master Glox'

    Master Glox says 'That took you long enough. Well then, are you ready to prove your agility to me?'

    You have to attack him to start the trial.

    You crush Master Glox for 143 points of damage.
    You crush Master Glox for 196 points of damage.
    Master Glox's corpse says 'Your have come onto your own. Spread the pain you have shown me to all of your foes.'
    You have slain Master Glox!

    --You have looted a Mark of Agility.--
    --You have looted a Potion of Escape.--

    You begin casting Field of Bone Port.
    Your Potion of Escape begins to glow.

    Head over to the Timorous Deep and find the Iksar Master (proper name, Master Rinmark) on chessboard island.

    You say, 'I am ready for the Trial of Patience.'

    an Iksar master says 'So your time has finally come to be tested for the final rung. To show your patience you shall spar with me. When you have gained the insight and strategy to strike you will know when. Strike me too soon and you will perish, too late and I will be gone. Come at me when the time is right. Let us begin.'

    an Iksar master despawns and Grandmaster Rinmark spawns.

    After a little while you see:

    Grandmaster Rinmark seems to lose a small amount of concentration.

    And he despawns. Master Rinmark spawns.

    After a little while you see:

    Master Rinmark stares off into the horizon, lost in his thoughts.

    And he despawns. Rinmark spawns.

    Auto attack is on.

    Rinmark says 'Good, your sense of timing is correct. Now begin! Show me that your training has not been wasted.'

    You crush Rinmark for 94 points of damage.
    You gain experience!!
    Rinmark's corpse says 'Your ability is strong, may you serve Cazic Thule with all your might.'
    You have slain Rinmark!

    --You have looted a Mark of Patience.--

    To complete the Trial of Peace of Mind, go to the Kaesora library and kill an Iksar Spectre until A Tome Keeper spawns.

    You say, 'Hail, a tome keeper'

    a tome keeper shows awareness of you, but ignores you completely.

    You say, 'I am ready for the Test of Peace of Mind.'

    a tome keeper begins to speak to you without movement of his rotted mouth, you realize his words are pouring into your mind. 'You seek peace of mind, and may you have it. First though, your Shackle of Steel. One Shackle for one tome.'

    Give him your Shackle of Steel.

    a tome keeper drops a tattered tome at your feet and says nothing more. You pick it up and place it among your things.

    You receive a random tome, e.g., Greyed Tome. Read the tome and follow the directions.

    Here is a list of the various tomes and their solutions (short versions). They generally consist of bringing a groundspawn to a certain NPC in exchange for the final mark. Remember you'll need only do one of the following, depending on which tome he gives you:

    Pale White Tome: Head to the City of Mist and find a ground spawn called "Vine Woven Basket." Turn the tome and basket in to Master Bain in East Cabilis.

    Faded White Tome: Bring Mechanical Iksar Tail (quest reward from Kwinn the Outlander in Firiona) to Master Raska.

    Solid Black Tome: Bring a Frozen Soulstone (ground spawn in yeti caves in the Dreadlands) to Prime Hierophant Vek.

    Dark Black Tome: Bring Skyfire Pumice (ground spawn on a pillar in the lava lake in Skyfire) to Prime Hierophant Vek.

    Dim White Tome: Bring Earthenware Bowl (ground spawn in a water barrel in frogtown in Swamp of No Hope, location -1262, -1411, 28) to Master Bain (?).

    Dark Grey Tome: Bring a Sarnak Hide (3rd floor in Dalnir) to War Baron Eator.

    Pure White Tome: Bring a Sealed Journal (Mines of Nurga, hole to the right at zone in, need levitation) to Master Raska.

    Greyed Tome: Bring a Ring of Construct (Karnor's Castle, location -149, -298, +3) to Master Niska

    Master Niska smiles at your dedication to Cazic Thule and hands you a small gem.
    You gain experience!!

    (What do you receive?)

    Light Grey Tome: Bring a Kromdul Bracelet (mines in Frontier Mountains) to Master Niska (?).

    Light Black Tome Bring a Chokadai scale (in Chardok) to War Baron Eator.

    When all three marks are in your inventory, return to the Dreadlands and hand in the marks of Agility, Patience and Peace of Mind to Veltar.

    Veltar says 'So you are finally ready for the final rung. Here it is, you shall receive mine for I quest for the fists of Cazic Thule no longer.'
    Your faction standing with Swift Tails got better.
    Your faction standing with Legion of Cabilis got better.
    You gain experience!!

    You receive your Shackle of Tynnonium.

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