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    Broker Fahaar's Tailoring Quest    Empty Broker Fahaar's Tailoring Quest

    Post by swath on Sat Oct 29, 2011 2:42 pm

    You say, 'Hail, Broker Fahaar'

    Broker Fahaar says 'Hello Dalerno, if you know any citizens looking for work please tell them to show me their acrylia slate.

    Broker Fahaar says 'Excellent, I can always use someone eager to work. I require young rockhopper hides to stretch for some special tailoring projects. Combine in this sack the hides of four young rockhoppers and return to me the full hopperhide sack, I will give you a stretched hide in return. '

    Place 4 young rockhopper hides in sack and combine

    Broker Fahaar says 'Very nice, I thank you Dalerno. Here is the stretched hide I promised, and a leather cord I made from the scraps. If you have no need for the hide itself, any merchant will purchase it from you. If you desire to become my apprentice, save four of the cords that you earn from me and return them when you desire to learn more. May the spirits guide and protect you!

    You gain experience!!

    Fill 3 more sacks to get a total of 4 leather cords

    Broker Fahaar says 'So you wish to learn the way of the Vah Shir tailors, do you? I assure you it is among the most difficult to master of any of the great Vah Shir disciplines, but one of the most rewarding as well. If you truly wish to learn how to manipulate fabrics and materials of all types you'll have to start with a basic task. Take this Vah Shir skinning knife and use it to cut a [belt strap]. Once you feel that you've mastered that task, bring me an example of your work and the Vah Shir skinning knife I gave you and we'll start you on some needle work. '

    You gain experience!!

    You say, 'What belt strap?'

    Broker Fahaar says 'Belt straps are cut from medium quality rockhopper hides. Just take the knife and cut a strap out of a good section in the hide. The medium quality hides are nice and tough, but you have to search a bit to find a decent strip in the material. Good luck with it.'

    Rough Belt Strap is mq rockhopper hide plus Vah Shir Skinning Knife in tailoring kit - triv is 36

    Broker Fahaar briefly glances at the strap and throws it over his shoulder. He then says, 'I can tell it's hurried work, but it will do. I supposed you're ready to learn some needlework. The needlework really makes the belt. Here, this needle set will allow you to learn the basics of our trade. You'll want to practice on some [Black Chitin Belts] and some [Bone Beaded Belts]. Bring me one example of each of these and your needle set to show me that you've mastered the basics of this sort of needlework. If your work is good enough you might be able to sell a piece or two as well. '

    You gain experience!!

    You say, 'What Black Chitin Belt?'

    Broker Fahaar says 'Black chitin belts are made by using the Vah Shir needle set and a Shade Silk to thread some sections of scorpion carapace onto a rough belt strap. The belts look great and they are rumored to make you feel stronger. You'll want to use the Vah Shir needle set I just gave you wth the silk, as normal needles will most likely break off if you try to push them through a scorpion carapace. '

    You say, 'What Bone Beaded Belt?'

    Broker Fahaar says 'Bone beaded belts are made by threading grimling finger bones onto a rough belt strap with a Shade silk thread. The bones are often tough to pierce, so you'll have to use your Vah Shir needle set on them. Be careful not to poke yourself. '

    Black Chitin Belt is rough belt strap, scorpion shell, shade silk thread, and Vah Shir Needle Set in tailoring kit - triv is >47

    Bone Beaded Belt is rough belt strap, grimling fingerbone, shade silk thread, and Vah Shir Needle Set in tailoring kit - tirv is >40

    Broker Fahaar says 'You're getting better, Dalerno, these are very well done. I believe you're ready to take the acrylia needle that is so necessary to our work. With this needle you'll be able to pierce even the toughest hides almost effortlessly, as well as to stitch the most delicate fabrics without tearing them. The first thing you should work on with this needle are some [Owlbear feathered leggings]. When you have managed to fashion a set of these,
    bring them to me with your acrylia needle and I'll provide the final tool for your journey toward master tailor. '

    Owlbear Feathered Leggings are owlbear feather, sonic wolf pelt, 2 shade silk threads, and acrylia needle in tailoring kit - triv is >90

    Broker Fahaar says 'Well done, Dalerno. These leggings are truly the work of an aspiring master tailor. I have just received word from the palace that the king is planning a celebration in the near future, and he wishes the guards to have new uniforms. Take this case and fill it with owlbear hide tunics and take it to Elder Hymnist Hortitosh on the roof of the palace. I'm sure the king will be pleased with your work. '

    You gain experience!!

    You say, 'What owlbear hide tunic?'

    Broker Fahaar says 'Owlbear hide tunics are notoriously difficult to make; you'll need to use your acrylia needle to sew two owlbear hides together. You'll need two lengths of Shade Silk thread for the stitching, as well as a tunic pattern. '

    Owlbear Hide Tunic is 2 owlbear pelts, 2 shade silk threads, tunic pattern, and acrylia needle - triv is 135

    You say, 'Hail, Elder Hymnist Hortitosh'

    Elder Hymnist Hortitosh says 'These are finely crafted indeed, Dalerno. Merchant Fahaar told me you were quite the prodigy, but don't tell him I told you that. Take this receipt and show it to Fahaar and tell him the king is quite pleased with both your work, and his teaching! '

    You gain experience!!

    Broker Fahaar says 'Well done, Dalerno. You have done very well and the king is pleased. You have been a great help to me filling that order for the king. Here, take this jerkin and wear it with pride. All who see it will know that you are an accomplished tailor and a friend of Fareen! '

    You gain experience!!

    Receive Sleek Sonic Wolf Hide Tunic

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