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    Post by swath on Thu Oct 27, 2011 7:33 pm

    Speak with the Priest of Discord (works in Plane of Knowledge and Rivervale, probably other zones other than OoW+ zones). This does not work with the Priests of Discord in Dranik's Scar.

    You say, 'Hail, Priest of Discord'

    Priest of Discord says 'Ah, another who admits that the path to glory and power lies in discord? Have we not always preached the truth? We are the only ones that can give you passage to the new world of purest Discord. Should you like to go there, tell me you [wish to go to Discord] and I will grant you passage. If you wish to [know more] about this travel, I will tell you. And, of course, if you have come to seek the way of Discord in your life, then ask me about your [Tome of Order and Discord].'

    You say, 'I want to know more.'

    Priest of Discord says 'We have been given a unique magic to pass through realms and we believe it to be the influence of Discord itself granting this gift upon its faithful followers. Only we can send you back and forth to the realm touched by Discord, a world called Kuua. You will find priests on the other side that will send you directly back to me, where your travel originated. And, if you are of the right ilk, I may be able to grant you [additional information].

    You say, 'What additional information?'

    Priest of Discord says 'There is a magic in Kuua that is blessed with the power of Discord itself. We have found we can use that magic to help those who help us. If you return three [discordant crystal shards] and a [magic parchment], we will imbue it with our power so you may travel there alone. Obviously, you must be a master of teleportation yourself -- a wizard or druid, is what I mean.'

    You say, 'What discordant crystal shards?'

    Priest of Discord says 'The crystal shards are very unique and bear a magic that brims with the power of Discord. We found we can use them to create spells on a specific type of discordant parchment that allows wizards and druids to pass through to the other realm.'

    You say, 'What magic parchment'

    Priest of Discord says 'We are not certain what the parchments were meant for, but they burn hot and cold and are imbued with a magic that protects it from destroying itself. We need one of these parchments to make a travel spell to Kuua in the Realm of Discord.'

    Hand the Priest of Discord 3 x Discordant Crystal Shards (separated) and 1 x Rolled Discordant Parchment and in return you get both the Ring of Bloodfields and the Circle of Bloodfields spells if you are a druid and the Bloodfields Gate, Bloodfields Portal, and Translocate: Bloodfields spells if you are a wizard.

    The Rolled Discordant Parchment and the Discordant Crystal Shards drop uncommonly off of random trash mobs in Dranik's Scar, The Bloodfields, and possibly elsewhere.

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