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    Impassive Sea (Stoicism Spell Quest) /Shaman Specific


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    Impassive Sea (Stoicism Spell Quest) /Shaman Specific

    Post by swath on Thu Oct 27, 2011 7:26 pm

    The quest begins in The Gulf of Gunthak. Talk to An Impassive Sea Spirit located about (pos)600, (neg)300 under a broken ship hull.

    "You say, 'Hail, an impassive sea spirit'"

    "An impassive sea spirit sways back and forth, rocking with the gentle motions of the tide. You are nearly mesmerized by its periodic fluctuation, when it suddenly speaks, 'I watch you as you watch me, and I wonder. Do you realize how to become empty of wishes, of dreams, of hope and sorrow? What do you know, strange one, about the virtue of null emotion? Do you understand how to be as unwavering as the ocean itself? Can you envision yourself as the pebble in the river? Can you mute feeling? Do you [dare to learn]?'"

    "You say, 'I dare to learn.'"

    "An impassive sea spirit says, 'We will see, Dreamhunter, we will see. If you are a willing pupil then demonstrate that you have begun to comprehend. Bring me something empty that previously numbed feeling and therefore brought emptiness to its possessor. You should not have to travel far.'"

    Go to Dulak's Harbor. In the first row of houses to the right as you enter the zone, a Drunken Pirate spawns. Singling him out may be a little difficult. What I did is I went behind the second and third house, in the little growe in the wall and pulled there. The street infront the houses is patroled and the mobs will add if you pull as the patrolman passes. The best way to do it is to forget the pet, invisible yourself, find a drunken pirate in one of the houses, target him, go outside and cast a spell - yes you can cast through a wall here.

    The item that you need to get from the pirate is:

    Empty Flask
    Wt: 0.5 Size: MEDIUM
    Class: SHM
    Race: None
    Identifies as: Item Lore: Smells faintly of Rum.

    The pirates also drop a "Broken Bottle" which is not the one that you need (identifies as: Item Lore: Smells of wine.)

    Once you acquired the empty flask, return to the impassive sea spirit in Gunthak. Make sure that you have an empty slot in your inventory, since the item that he gives you upon turning the empty bottle in will not fit in any container.
    Handing him the empty flask results with:

    "An impassive sea spirit says, 'Well done, strange one. Your perception is admirable.' The spirit hands you an incredibly heavy rock. 'Can you, Dreamhunter, be as [impassive as the sea]?'"

    (You get)
    A Large Rock
    Wt: 25.4 Size: GIANT
    Class: SHM
    Race: None
    Identifies as: Item Lore: A Large Rock.

    "You say, 'I can be as impassive as the sea.'"

    "An impassive sea spirit removes his gaze from the ocean and looks at you, 'Perhaps you can be, but I require proof. If you can defeat the smallest elements of the ocean I shall reward you. Hand me their essences and I shall know you have completed the task. When you are ready to challenge them hand me back that rock.'"

    Handing him the rock back will spawn "flotsam" and "jetsam," a pair of level 36 water elementals. They spawn near the entrance to the hull and you need to kill them and loot their dropsl; "flotsam" drops a Small Piece of Flotsam and "jetsam" drops a Small Piece of Jetsam.

    An impassive sea spirit melds with the murky ocean water, and two elements of the sea appear.

    Handing the two pieces to the impassive spirit results with:

    "Now you comprehend. This is the way things are, and the way they have always been. Your acceptance of these truths proves your worthiness."

    You get the scroll: Spell: Stoicism

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