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    Spell Quest: Icewind

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    Spell Quest: Icewind Empty Spell Quest: Icewind

    Post by swath on Tue Oct 25, 2011 10:25 pm

    You say, 'Hail, Gaudric Stormwynd'

    Gaudric Stormwynd says 'Greetings, Lenasan. What brings you to this forsaken rock? I have been sent here by the council of Surefall Glade to gather information about this Island. This place seethes with anger and hatred, and even the familiar [winds] of Karana blow with a cold bite. So far the creatures have all proved very hostile, even to a follow of Karana. I suspect that the curse of Innoruuk has caused them be very aggressive towards all outsiders. I have been able to gather some information on a new race of [insect] though'

    You say, 'What winds?'

    Gaudric Stormwynd says 'The fury of a truly torrential storm is a beautiful thing. Even in their destruction they bring the birth of new life. Such is the cycle of life on Norrath, from the ashes nature always rebuilds. The trolls care nothing for this cycle though, and merely use the power of the storm to fill their treasuries. I hear the tormented cries of tempest [spirits] across the wind.'

    You say, 'What spirits?'

    Gaudric Stormwynd says 'I believe the followers of Nadox have found a way to control the spirits of the tempest by capturing them in amulets made of the black rock from the island. Bring me one of their amulets and I may be able to free the spirit from it.'

    Loot a Glowing Zraxthril Amulet from a Broken Skull Adherent and bring it back to Gaudric.

    Gaudric Stormwynd takes the amulet from your hands and holds it in front of his eyes. He begins to speak arcane words into the stone, holding his other hand under the amulet. The amulet begins to spasm around crazily on its cord as if some creature was trying to escape from it. Sweat begins to bead up at Gaudric's brow. Suddenly the amulet explodes with light and Gadric is thrown to the ground. You reach down and carefully pick the amulet from the ground. You notice a large crack across the face. A watery visage begins to rise from the crack and take shape before you. The tempest spriti coalesces into a vaguely humanoid form and motions toward you. He points directly to the amulet in your hands.

    You receive a Cracked Zraxthril Amulet. A Tempest Spirit will then spawn behind you. Give the cracked amulet to the spirit to receive the Icewind spell.

    A tempest spirit takes the amulet from you and holds it in its watery hand. The wind around you rises and the sea begins to swell. The spirit melts into a swirling pool at your feet. You gaze down into the pool and notice it begin to shrink in circumference. It continues to shrink and spin until finally there is nothing left but a small blue amulet on the ground. You reach to pick it up and hear an echo from the sea. 'Call us and we will aid you.'

    Receive the Spell: Icewind

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