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    Illusions and how to get the good ones


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    Illusions and how to get the good ones Empty Illusions and how to get the good ones

    Post by Knoph on Tue Oct 25, 2011 7:23 pm

    This guide is pretty much for rogues who get bored and just want some shiny illusions to click in their inventory. Some may take a couple years to get(because we all know sony loves to make us want to gouge out our eyes before actually getting said drop because they feel that camping stuff for days on end is so much fun!), but this guide will show you where to get them.


    Dark Elf Illusion (Mask of Deception/Darkened Mask of Deception)

    This mask is one of the more common drops out of all of the masks. It drops off of A Ghoul Assassin in lower guk. However with the newer revamp, this is no longer all that easy to get. The newer Ghoul Assassin can hit up to 2500 and is level 81 or 82. Has a little bit of hp on him but easy to take out with a group.

    Iksar Illusion (Iksar Hide Mask)

    This mask is dropped by Harbinger Dronik in Trakanon's Teeth. Pretty much the way this goes is you need to take down every froglok forager that you see roaming around the zone and eventually this guy will pop. In my time doing this camp, took me about 20 foragers til he popped and he dropped it for me the first time.

    Erudite Illusion (Mask of Obteneration)

    The Skeletal Procurator in Howling stones (charsis) drops this one. The location of this mob is -85.05, 675.41, 21.31 . He is in the farthest room to the west of the zone. His repop time is roughly 18 minutes. He is a little rare to spawn but isn't as bad as some of the other mask camps.

    Vah Shir Illusion (Guise of The Hunter)

    This drops off The Shissar Assassin found in Ssraeshza Temple. Gonna need pick lock to get to this guy. When you zone in, go through the door thats pretty much in front of you, go until you see the T intersection, hang a left and follow the hallway all the way down and then go into the door to the left. You'll see a stone slate behind the 3 mobs in that room. Pick lock on it to open. Now head down that way (caution, there is a trap in this room. It is a 120 per tic DoT that lasts for 20 minutes. So just get sense/disarm traps up and remove it before you get hit and end up having to deal with the mobs in that hallway. Now once you find your way down that hallway go through the hole in the wall and then open the door and you'll see a room with about 8 shissar around there. Looking straight ahead he is to the mob closes to the ramp in front of you on the right. Now normally I cleared the whole room because two other named pop in there including a commander which can very rarely drop a silk horse.

    High-Elf Illusion (Guise of the Coercer)

    This one is a little bit of a pain but worth it in the long run. What you need to do first of all is kill Stanos in Highpass Hold. This can be a pain being as once you hit him just about every mob in the area aggros you..comes out to be about 20 mobs or so and you take a hell of a faction hit upon death. How I did it was I used razor arc on him, then hit envenomed blades and rogues fury, then hit counter-attack and he pretty much killed himself duo to ripostes. After he dies if you get lucky, loot his head. After that, you need to do rogue epic right to the part where you need to spawn the general in Kithicor Forest. That quest can be found here if you don't remember:

    Once you get up the general fight, clear the house as usual and leave brigadier up. Pop the general and get behind him with sneak on, turn in Stanos' Head and boom, got your mask.

    Ogre Illusion (Visage of The Brute)

    This one is by far the biggest pain IMO. First step is to seek out Hail, Mudarik Aletipper right near the wayfarers camp in Natimbi. Go through the necessary dialogue with him. Step two is to kill the Cragbest Queen which really is not fun at all. Her information can be found here:

    What you need from her is the Misshapen Cragbeast Flesh. After you have fun getting that, seek out Caridwi, who spawns in Yxxta at -240, -2115, behind the riddle door near the golems, on a rock near the Primal Reptile. Caridwi spawns at 4 AM gametime and despawns at 6 AM. You'll see an emote in the area when Caridwi spawns. The emote is 'A haunting song echoes in the dank caverns.' Go up to her and hand her the Misshapen Cragbeast Flesh and you get your mask.

    Dwarf Illusion (Besmirched Mask of Conception)

    This one may seem like a pain in the ass but its really not. This mask drops off one of the 4 warders in the Sleepers Tomb. They only hit for around 400 and are a pretty easy solo. I did it with a rogue buffed to around 20k. They have roughly 300k hp took about 5 minutes. Few heal potions and maybe a jester and they should be cake.

    Wood Elf Illusion (Crown of Deceit)

    This quest requires an assload of faction for the frogloks of guk (Live side froggys). The only way to get faction up with these guys is to kill every undead frog you see, which is going to be a little harder now that they revamped the zone and still kept the same modifier on them as far as I know. Or you can kill the frogs on Sebillis. But yeah, get your faction up to max ally with the Frogloks of Guk then go see Sage Balic in PoK. Sage Balic may be found at the top of the tower in the neutral section of town at -15, +60. Go through his dialogue and he will hand you a picture book. Next is to head to upper guk and find an Old Froglok. His loc is -215.8420, -1267.6025, -97.9667. Give him the book and he will give you an Elf Essence Recipe. After this you need to round up the pieces for the crown which are :

    Elf Essence (crafted via baking)

    Reet Froglok Crown (drops in Old Sebilis from various reet mobs)

    Vial of Purified Mana (summoned by an enchanter via Purify Mana or Mass Purify Mana or crafted via research)

    Velium Mastodon Fur Cloak (crafted via tailoring)

    Hand all 4 items in and you got yourself your WE crown.

    Froglok Illusion (Froglok stone, Woven Shadow Stone)

    The froglok stone is the result of a pretty simple quest but the problem is its only 1 charge, but IS rechargable. First, Find the enchanter guildleader Ryoz K`Tarn on the top floor of the caster guild in Neriak Commons. Go through the dialogue. Next, find Sazan K`Jartan in the Rogue guild, Neriak third quarter. He is the first NPC on the right when you enter the rogue guild. Make sure you have an inventory slot open. At this point, if you are KOS to the rogue guild you need to hail him and complete the dialog quickly, as he will attack you during it. Go through his dialogue. At this point, he has handed you a four-slot container to mix the final poison in, as well as a note to deliver to Grimpl Rustedcog, in Dagnor's Cauldron. He can be found on the island in the center of the lake. Find him and hand him the note. Upon asking about Jagged Fang, the mob should spawn across the lake on the shore. The snake cons dark blue to level 65, summons, hits for around 200, poisons and you can't stun her. Once dead, she drops Venom Filled Scales (no drop) which you take back to Grimpl Rustedcog. He will hand back the Venom Filled Scales and a Note to Saeko. Travel to South Ro and find Saeko L`Vinec at the dark elf merchant tents. This summons a large spider named Gargantula. The spider hits for 275 max, can't be snared, can't be stunned, and summons. A little over halfway through the fight, she will summon ten small spiders (Frenzied Gargling, Rabid Gargling, Gargling Runt, etc). These small spiders can be mezzed and have few hit points. When dead, you can loot a Venom Soaked Mandible which you will use for the poison combine. Next, you need to hire the services of a rogue with 250 poison making skill, or find two more poisons for sale in the bazaar. The first is Susceptible Essence and is made by combining Ethereal Suspension, Nohope Moss x2, Sealed Poison Vial and Snowcap Amanita. The second poison you need is Mind Melt, which is made by combining Ethereal Suspension, Mt. Death Mineral Salts x2, Quicksilver and a Sealed Poison Vial.
    Once you have the poisons, put your Venom Filled Scales, Venom Soaked Mandible, Susceptible Essence and Mind Melt in the mortar and pestle given to you by Sazan. Click combine to craft Bubbling Concoction, which is lore and no drop. Take this concoction back to Sazan in Neriak. At this point, if you are KOS to him you need to take an enchanter that can charm him to do the hand in. He will hand you back a Vial of Froglok's Bane, which you deliver to Ryoz. Ryoz hands you A Mug of Poisoned Ale and a Froglok Stone. Turn it back into ryoz at anytime to get it recharged.

    Now the other clickys is a little bit harder to get. The Woven Shadow Stone drops off Zi-Thuuli in The Demiplane of Blood. Info on the fight can be found here:

    Gnome (Mask of Tinkering)

    No longer drops anymore. Used to drop off Sleepers Tomb warders before Kerafyrm was awakened. Just save up a bunch of plat and try to buy one.

    Half-Elf Illusion (Burnoose of the Halfbreed)

    Drops in Jaggedpine Forest off of Zed Sticklebush. Go to the poachers camp and just kill everything. Eventually Zed will pop and sometimes he might drop the mask.

    Halfling Illusion (Dessicated Halfling Mask)

    This drops off Overseer Dal'guur in Chardok. He spawns near the Herbalist camp. His loc is 420, 165, -309. He is right on the wall right near a room filled with some skele's. Has 2 mobs that pop in his spot as his PH. A scarred overseer and a veteran overseer. While I was doing the camp, I would average a named pop every 6 kills or so. Repop timer is 20 minutes. The drop is very rare. Took me about 12 named to finally gnab myself one.

    Barbarian Illusion (Flayed Barbarian Hide Mask)

    Drops off The Avatar of War in Kael. This event is less than groupable now-a-days but very overcamped. Better off just buying one from the bazaar.

    Human Illusion (Circlet of Disguise)

    Drops off of Kaas Thox Xi Aten Ha Ra in Vex Thal. We all know the stories of the blobs in VT. A gazillion hit points and what not. I would kill this guy on a day im very very very bored. But now he is pretty camped as well as the rest of vex thal being as this place is still awesome for clickys.

    Thats about it for the playable race illusion clickys. Here are a few other illusion clickys that are fun to play with.

    Earth Elemental Illusion (Ball of Golem Clay)

    This drops off A Korsican Warlord in Plane of Earth. Seriously, this is a HELLA rare drop. I must have killed about 100 warlords myself and still haven't gotten one. He hits for just shy of 1k. Really not that hard at all. The Warlord has 5 place holders and here are the locs. Put them in your map file.

    P 722.7369, 1249.4973, -44.4496, 240, 0, 0, 3, Frog_Trap
    P 762.8552, 441.2773, 24.1308, 240, 0, 0, 3, Frog_Trap
    P 698.9662, 622.4436, 32.2127, 240, 0, 0, 3, Frog_Trap
    P 665.8143, 1054.7626, 0.0020, 240, 0, 0, 3, Frog_Trap
    P 741.4619, 860.9343, 33.8288, 240, 0, 0, 3, Frog_Trap

    Skeleton Illusion (Amulet of Necropotence)

    This one drops off of Dread,Fright,Terror, or Cazic Thule in Plane of Fear. Also very very camped. Better off going to bazaar to buy one honestly.

    Fire Elemental Illusion (Veil of Flames)

    Drops off of Diabo Xi Xin in Vex Thal. He pops further in than blob one and hits for roughly 900ish. Im not exactly sure if this item drops in game anymore, iver heard yes and no.

    Water Elemental Illusion (Shiliskin Trickster Mask)

    Drops during Elder Longshadow #2: The Orb of Subversion quest in Stoneroot. It can pretty much drop off of any spider in the instance. Usually people go in and just clear the field and maybe the first two tower, gate out, and do it again until they get it to drop. I've heard about an average of 4 or 5 clears til one drops...not too bad.

    With the release of LoN there were a few more illusions added that anyone can get if you have the PP to buy the booster packs for them.

    Corrupted Shillskin

    Kobold King


    Bixie Queen


    Aviak Rook

    Bixie Drone

    Brownie Noble

    Crystal Golem

    Frost Goblin

    Hideous Harpy

    Ice Golem


    Kobold Serf

    Arcane Scrykin


    Siren Enticer

    Stone Gargoyle

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