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    Tinkering Skill Up

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    Tinkering Skill Up

    Post by swath on Mon Oct 24, 2011 7:08 pm

    Quick Trivial List
    Tradeskill Trophy Quest
    Mechanist Charm

    50 - 54 Tinkering Freebie: Help Skelontorim (not really needed though since gnomes start with 50 tinkering skill)
    55 - 68 Flameless Lantern
    69 - 102 Stalking Probe
    103 - 122 Powered Gloves
    123 - 135 Tinkered Catapult (148 fletching recommended or skip)
    136 - 215 Geerlok Automated Hammer or Geerlok Fermentation Device
    215 - 222 Geerlok Alchemy Set
    223 - 227 Geerlok Automated Pestle
    228 - 233 Geerlok Automated Quill
    234 - 236 Geerlok Clockwork Contraption
    237 - 242 Collapsed Toolkit
    243 - 275 Intricate Autoactuated Armband
    249 - 280 Intricate Autoactuated Gloves
    264 - 295 Intricate Autoactuated Sleeves
    291 - 300 Intricate Autoactuated Greaves or Intricate Autoactuated Cuirass
    Alternative (TSS) to 262: Mechanic Ceramic Clay (involves farming Vergalid Slave Manacles)
    Alternative to 282: Molten Metal Bow Cam - Requires a lot of farming/foraging.
    Alternative to 290: Silver Conduit
    Alternative to 300: Clockwork Shadowwalker/Observer armor, Wok, or Silver Conduit Armor for Gnomes

    TINKERING alternative (Oct 2007 Patch drops)

    Simple Servolinked -Thalium Chain Template, alkaline loam, cultural mold, brown coal, crude fortified bronze, gears, sprockets, water flask and gnomish heat source

    Simple Autoactuated -Thalium plate template, Alkaline Loam, brown coal, crude fortified bronze, cultural mold, cogs, water flask, gnomish heat source and contraption parts X2

    Simple Metalofiber - Sullied Silk Template, Sullied Spinneret Fluid, Thread Filament, Crude Fortified Bronze Thread, water flask, Gnomish heat source, metal fastening and gnomish pattern

    Blessed Symbols - Thalium Ore, Alkaline Loam, Brown Coal, Contraption Parts, Blessed water of <name>, Blessed <item> symbol pattern

    Note: From now on it looks like only the type of template, loam, coal and bronze will change. Remaining ingredients will follow Simple Cultural combines.

    Ornate Servolinked - Fulginate Chain Template, Malleable Loam, Dull Black Coal, Fair fortified bronze
    Ornate Autoactuated -Fulginate Plate Template, Malleable Loam, Dull Black Coal, Fair fortified bronze
    Ornate Metalofiber- Crude Silk Template, Crude Spinneret Fluid, Fiber Filament, Fair fortified bronze thread

    Revered Symbols - Fulginate Ore, Malleable Loam, Dull Black coal, contraption parts, blessed water of , revered symbol pattern

    Intricate Servolinked - Rhenium Chain Template, Bonded Loam, Black Nitrous Coal, Malleable Fortified Bronze
    Intricate Autoactuated -Rhenium Plate Template, Bonded Loam, Black Nitrous Coal, Malleable Fortified Bronze
    Intricate Metalofiber - Fine Silk template, fine spinneret fluid, soft filament, Malleable fortified bronze thread

    Sacred Symbols - Rhenium Ore, Bonded Loam, Black nitrous coal, contraption parts, blessed water and sacred symbol pattern

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