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    Drunk Racing

    Orann Hailstorm
    Orann Hailstorm
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    Drunk Racing Empty Drunk Racing

    Post by Orann Hailstorm on Fri Oct 21, 2011 2:23 am

    In the guild i use to run over on my old server, i use to hold guild events, nothing to do with raiding or exp or AA's, It was meant to just purely hang out with the members of the guild.

    To start out with we would have a swap meet. cause we didnt have a guild hall back then or a guild bank, we would all bring items we have collected during the week before, and see if anyone needeed it to up grade themselves, then they could pass down some of there stuff to lower members, but as we have a guild bank no need for this part.

    Then it hit me one day, i had lots of stuff from raids we had done that no one needed or claimed at the time, and as we all know things collect pretty fast, so i got my officers together we talked it over and set a date and took the guild out to TD ( timorous deep ) there is a island there BIG island to, no real mobs to speak of, i had my officers go to different points on the map, could be out in the water, on top of the mountain, we then would drink till you could drink anymore and then when i said go, the members would take off drunk as hell trying to use the Location key to find the first officer, then the second ect ect. was funny as hell to see them swaying back and forth trying to run off in one direction, you could get hung up on rocks , trees get in the way, and have you ever went swimming drunk LOL. the first 3 back to me and had been to each officer on the course would win one of the prizes, no mounts were aloud, no sow or soe,and no bard songs, was a lot of fun, and the members really got to know each other better, i also made it manditory if you were in game you had to come be with us, you had the whole rest of the week to lvl AA's or Exp. but that one day was about being a guild together.

    Not saying you have to do this, but was just a idea of something to bring us closer, and it was loads of fun.

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    Drunk Racing Empty Re: Drunk Racing

    Post by Knoph on Fri Oct 21, 2011 2:48 am

    Me gusta. i would love to see more guild events, i know alot of us have busy schedules and cant get on very often, and that we used to have EXP night and such. but as of late little to no kinds of things like this have gone on, i mean aside from the night before tonight, there wasn't even any raids...

    i think if we get the Guild to start RPing, i think stuff like this would be fun, or even just sitting around guild hall and getting drunk.

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