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    Rogue Assassination


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    Rogue Assassination

    Post by Knoph on Wed Oct 19, 2011 5:27 am

    no one, not even Zam knows much about this. but from alot of digging, and piecing together what i have found out.

    Assassination is a special Backstab Proc that Rogues gain at level 50, its proc rate is based on your Dex, when you get it, it has two restrictions, Will only proc on a humanoid, and only if they are level 48 or below. when it procs it has been recorded to deal upward of 10k damage at level 50 and unrecorded damage at higher levels.

    Rogues gain an AA that raises the level they can Assassinate called Anatomy, it has 19 levels, with each one giving 2 extra levels to your Assassinate range, giving it currently a maximum range of level 86.

    Rogues can get other AAs that can help them in the use of Assassinate,
    Chaotic Stab - Allows to rogue to Proc a Backstab from the front of an enemy for the minimal Backstab damage.
    Knaves Return Strike - Gives all Ripostes a chance of being a Backstab.
    Double Riposte - give you a chance to have a Double Riposte.

    Also to use this effectively , it would be correct to assume you have to be the target of main aggression, so having other AAs that reduce the damage you take, are highly advised.

    As far as I can tell lots of people are not 100% sure of how this skill works, and many rogues have probably never seen it in action.

    Did i miss anything, know something i don't?
    Have something to add? Then feel free to do so. Please any and all Info about this is helpful, Questions are fine too.
    Nightstalker's Den

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    Re: Rogue Assassination

    Post by swath on Thu Oct 20, 2011 9:15 pm

    very cool nice work bro i didnt know this info my rogue will like this!!!


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    Age : 27

    Re: Rogue Assassination

    Post by Knoph on Sun Oct 23, 2011 2:05 am

    Glad i could be of help. i am working on getting everything to test this out so i can give confirmed information, most of what i have is rumors and here-say i found online. but hopefully when i get it to work it will be much akin to Headshot like i have read.

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    Re: Rogue Assassination

    Post by Sponsored content

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