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    EQ:Ogre Overview


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    EQ:Ogre Overview

    Post by swath on Thu Oct 13, 2011 8:41 pm

    Ogres are the tribal race hailing from the swampy city of Oggok. Ogres are Norrath's largest playable race, towering over eight feet in height and weighing in at over 400 pounds, unarmored.

    As creations of Rallos Zek, ogres are warlike and agressive by nature. They are immune to being stunned by frontal attacks, a unique ability limited to ogres and the various giants throughout Norrath. Ogre intelligence and wisdom are quite limited, due to a curse placed upon their children after a failed attempt to take over the Plane of Earth. (However, this can easily be overcome with armor and weapons.)

    As an evil race, ogres have a low starting faction standing with many of the cities throughout Norrath. In many cases, they are simply kill-on-sight. They are, however, allied with the Teir'Dal of Neriak and the trolls of Grobb. They fluently speak the Ogre and Dark Speech languages, and have a lower starting ability to speak Common Tongue than most other races.

    Ogres may become berserkers, beastlords, shadow knights, shamen, and warriors. Most ogres worship their creator, Rallos Zek. However, many have the option of being agnostic. Shadow knights may worship Cazic-Thule as an alternative.

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