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    Post by swath on Thu Oct 13, 2011 8:19 pm


    Shamans are one of the three priest classes, and generally the weakest healer of the three. Out of the three main slowing classes in EQ (enchanter, shaman, beastlord) shamans have the most powerful slows. Shaman have damage-over-time spells, a.k.a. DoT, more powerful than that of a druid, but less powerful than that of a necromancer. At high levels, shaman can receive, via AA, a call-to-corpse that summons a targeted player back to his corpse but grants no-experience restoration ("rez"). People who have received a call in this fashion may still later receive an experience-restoring ressurection later.

    Shamans, in addition to having a 75% slow, have several lines of resist and melee-statisitic debuffs (principally affecting an NPC's agility, strength, stamina, and armor rating), and powerful hit point and statistic buffs. Shamans are the premier buffing class, being able to buff more statistics than anyone else and also having by far the largest number of overcap (buffs that increase stats even if you have hit the limits) buffs.

    Shamans wear chain armor.


    Shamans typically hail from the more tribal societies of Norrath, often where there are no other priest classes. Barbarians, Frogloks, Iksars, ogres, trolls, and the Vah Shir can be come shamans.


    All shaman have access to a class-unique tradeskill, alchemy, starting at level twenty five. Alchemists can create all vendor sold potions, as well as a stunning variety of non-NPC sold ones. One of the most common and popular shaman potions, Philter of the Wolf, casts Spirit of Wolf (a run-speed buff) on the drinker.

    Secrets of Faydwer Spell Info

    •76 - Talisman of the Puma Rk. II
    ◦Faction: Fangbreakers
    ◦Faction Level: Ally
    ◦Merchant: Derak Fangbreaker
    ◦Zone: Loping Plains
    ◦Location: -1450, -3210, 700

    •77 - Rolist's Drowse Rk. II
    ◦Faction: Rebel Brownies
    ◦Faction Level: Kindly
    ◦Merchant: Karri
    ◦Zone: The Steam Factory
    ◦Location: -25, 485, 115

    •78 - Ancestral Intervention Rk. II
    ◦Faction: Camp Valor
    ◦Faction Level: Kindly
    ◦Merchant: Hardrin
    ◦Zone: Hills of Shade
    ◦Location: 1220, 800, 40

    •78 - Bite of the Brownie Rk. II
    ◦Faction: Rebel Brownies
    ◦Faction Level: Allly
    ◦Merchant: Karri
    ◦Zone: The Steam Factory
    ◦Location: -25, 485, 115

    •79 - Ward of Resurgence Rk. II
    ◦Faction: Ladies of the Light
    ◦Faction Level: Ally
    ◦Merchant: Seridyn
    ◦Zone: Dragonscale Hills
    ◦Location: 1450, 1740, 270

    •80 - Preincarnation Rk. II
    ◦Faction: Ladies of the Light
    ◦Faction Level: Kindly
    ◦Merchant: Seridyn
    ◦Zone: Dragonscale Hills
    ◦Location: 1450, 1740, 270

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