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    Post by Doklok on Sun Oct 02, 2011 10:52 pm

    A Beastlord is a warrior who has developed a bond or gained control over a single animal, known as a Warder. The warder stays with or nearby the Beastlord from the earliest stages of their development and it is this 'pet' that makes a Beastlord into a powerful fighting force; as the Beastlord advances in strength and experience so does their warder companion. When fighting side by side, the two make a formidable opponent and the damage they can inflict is nearly unrivalled when considered with the beastlords other benefits to a party.

    Beastlords possess the same ability to call upon the Mystical forces as a Shaman and though their powers are not as strong, they can make a significant contribution in combination with their combat ability. They are not limited to only casting damaging spells on their enemies as they possess a great variety of beneficial ones too, including those that have the power to aid both health and mana regeneration. Many of a beastlord's beneficial spells impact not only the Beastlord and warder but their entire party, allowing them to be both a very able solo adventurer and an effective group member.

    Though the two are rarely apart a Beastlord may at times suffer from the reliance on a warder. While they are capable of making a reasonable contribution without them, their effectiveness is greatly reduced. Unfortunately Beastlords take a long time to develop the ability to control their warder effectively when already engaged in battle and because of this may not be able to summon them when engagements need to be carefully controlled. In the warder is their major strength but also their only real weakness, despite this Beastlords are a valuable asset in a party and one of the most capable adventurers on Norrath when hunting alone or in small groups.

    Barbarian, Iksar, Ogre, Troll, Vah Shir

    Beastlords are capable spell casters and able fighters, they rely on their wisdom when calling upon the primal forces and their strength, stamina and agility when in combat. The races that are known to produce them are all naturally strong, capable fighters and what they lack in dexterity and agility is easily made up for in power and toughness.

    Beastlords don't tend to stay near populated settlements, usually out in the wild hunting with their warder and without any significant need to deal with merchants or craftsman they have little use for charm or charisma. It is rare for a Beastlord to use any form of weaponry other than their hands, crude blades or clubs and they use their agility to dodge and deflect blows, rather than wear heavy armour or use shields.

    Beastlords will spend a lot of time casting spells so a high wisdom can be a great help when you need a big mana pool.
    Stamina will help you to cope with taking a beating when fighting alone, while your strength will allow you to hit a little harder.
    Beastlords can't wear many forms of armor such as chain or plate and rely on their agility and stamina to survive when taking damage.
    Don't forget about your spells, though their effects are usually weaker than a Shaman of the same level they can make a huge difference in a close battle.
    Don't give up, until you can summon your warder at level 8 you will be a little underpowered compared to other classes.

    Casters Realm

    Very useful information for a new Beastlord, including an epic walkthrough and spell descriptions.

    The Beastlord's Den

    A valuable resource for Beastlords. Active forums with great information on pets, spells and hunting spots for every level.

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